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Group fine dining in Nashville

There's a group of us, 20-25 or so, professionals and food smart, who dine together at our annual conferences. We try to put together interesting prix fixe menus at venues with private or semi-private spaces, realizing that we're too large a group to dine off of the regular menu, while at the same time avoiding banquet chicken/filet/salmon deaths-by-steamtable. We're been doing this for city after city, for going on 20+ years, and outside of New York, our tabs with alcohol and service usually run about $150/ head, although we've crested $300 on rare occasion.

We're in Nashville this year, can't buy out The Catbird Seat, and its been a little more difficult than usual. I'm working on putting together private dining meals at either Capitol Grille at the Hermitage Hotel, and Merchant's (off of the "upstairs" menu). City House can't accommodate us on the night in question.

Any recommendations as to which of these two restaurants will be better able to pull off fine dining for a small mob, which has the better private space, and is there anywhere else we should consider?


Pathetic state of burgers in Winston and Greensboro

Emma Key's is my pick for the best burger in Greensboro. High quality meat, decently marbled, 1/3- 1/2 lb loosely packed, on a hot enough flat top to sear in more juiciness than the NC "medium or more" requirement typically permits. Brioche type bun, red onions instead of yellow, Hellman's instead of Dukes or no-name mayo, butter lettuce instead of iceburg. Much, much better than average grilled cheese and grilled pimento cheese. Meh breakfast sandwiches. Check out the spite fence that the pizza place next door put up. Surprisingly good shakes, with loss-leader quantities of Breyer's ice cream. Had to explain the whole concept of the black-and-white shake, though.

Apr 07, 2012
CarolinaChzStk in Southeast