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I have finalized my Napa / San Fran Itinenary

I decided on Farrallon based on:
1) I thought that a nice fish dinner would be a great way to end a trip in California and would break away from the FL/Meadowood experience.
2) The close proximity to our hotel and to Wilson and Wilson would allow us to drop of the car at the airport the night before, there by allowing us some additional time to sleep. We are able to walk to both Farallon and Wilson and Wilson. We depart at 7:30am.

Is there a different restaurant you would recommend?

I have finalized my Napa / San Fran Itinenary

Lots of research, thanks to everyone on here. I really appreciate the advice.

June 5: Staying at Embassy Suites - Napa. Arriving around 4, so just Dinner at Morimoto.
June 6 Breakfast: Alexis Baking Company
Drive up to Meadowood and check in
Lunch: Picking up items at a local Calistoga deli and having a picnic lunch in the olive tree
orchard at Ehlers Estate Winery
Dinner: The French Laundry
June 7: Breakfast: At Meadowood
Lunch: At Oxbow Marketplace - Anything to "Not to Miss" here
Dinner: Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen
June 8: Breakfast: At Meadowood
Lunch: Picnic at a TBD winery
Cocktails: Auberge du Soleli
Dinner: Restaurant at Meadowood
June 9: Leave Meadowood early and head back to SF
Breakfast: Walk around the Ferry Farmers Market and enjoy
Late Lunch: Swan Oyster Depot
Check into Hilton - Union Square
Dinner: Farallon
After Dinner Drinks: Wilson and Wilson

Any comments/last minute suggestions?

My "Final" Napa/San Fran Dinner Itinerary


We are from Tennessee. This will be a first trip to Napa, but I travel all over the country for my work and eat in a wide variety of restaurants. I was in Los Angeles last week and had a phenomenal osso boco at Madeo and the chefs tasting menu at Nobu (miso sea bass, yum..yum). Then flew to Tampa and had a wonderful meal of sea scallops at oystercatchers. Next week I am in Dallas and have reservations at Javier's for the quail (one of my staples), but still need to decide on my next two nights. I flew ~100k miles last year and spent ~140 nights in a hotel, so I am in a lot of restaurants.

My other 3 people in my group (Wife and another couple) travel frequently, but usually with our younger kids, so the fine dining experience is not something they experience all the time.

None of our party is really interested in what I would classify as "out there" foods (i.e. brains, tongue(bad experience in Bakersfield CA - don't want to relive that), etc.), but otherwise, open to most any cuisine.

Don't know if that helped or hurt.

Thanks for the replies Robert.

ETD: We are staying in Meadowood in St. Helena, so that may make a difference in your recommendations. We are staying in Berkeley the night of the 5th and in Union Square the night of the 9th.

My "Final" Napa/San Fran Dinner Itinerary


Thanks for the input. What would you suggest changing? We are open to most anything, within reason. Price is not much of a consideration, both high and low. We love hole in the walls as well as white table cloths.

My "Final" Napa/San Fran Dinner Itinerary

gold, thanks for the reply. I looked at Redd and it appeals to me. I will as the rest of my group. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the comment on Atelier Crenn. Some of my group is not as adventurous as me, so I probably need to find a replacement.

I have eaten at Benu and while good, did not have the "wow" experience.

My "Final" Napa/San Fran Dinner Itinerary

Thanks for all of your help in my previous posts. I believe I have my "final" dinner itinerary for our trip. Here it is:

June 5 - Chez Panisse
June 6 - French Laundery (Yes we have reservations)
June 7 - Morimoto
June 8 - The Restaurant at Meadowood
June 9 - Atelier Crenn

What do you hounds think? Any changes/ suggestions /comments?



Going to SF/St. Helena in June-review my resturants

Hi all,

Just joined and I am planning a wine trip for my wife and I. We are traveling with anouther couple. We will be in SF June 5 and 9 and will be in St. Helena June 6-8. We are staying at the Hilton Fishermans Wharf on the 5th and the Hilton Union Square on the 9th. We are staying at Meadowood in St. Helena.

Here are our resturant selections. What would you change?

June 5th - lunch at Swans. Dinner Fifth Floor.
June 6th - lunch at a winery. Dinner at French Laundry(yes we have reservations for 7pm)
June 7th - lunch at Oxbow Market. Dinner at Morimoto.
June 8th - lunch at a winery. Dinner at the Resturant at Meadowood.
June 9th - lunch and dinner (we will be in SF that morning) - up in the air. What are your suggestions? We are open to most anything.

Thanks in advanced,