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Charleston - Reservation dilemmas, itinerary review

Greetings Hounds,

Heading to town on Thursday and currently have a reservation at 492 for that night. Is the food (and overall experience) worth the trip? I have seen conflicting reports. Looks like I can currently get our group into get into Two Boroughs or Edmunds Oast instead.

For the rest of the trip, we have a Rutledge Cab Co reservation and are going to attempt sliding into 167 Raw; assuming it will be possible on a Friday night. Any recommended times for that?

Anyone have a good rec for a Sunday walk-in or a lucky reservation still available? We have done a lot of the Charleston favorites on previous trips (Fig, Cypress, SNOB, Husk), so possibly something new.

Also, if you have any input on breakfast, coffee, lunch, snacks, drinks please chime in. Currently list for those is shaping up as follows:

Browns Court
Martha Lou's
Butcher & Bee
Artisan Meat & Share
Xia Bao
Gin Joint

Thanks in advance!

May 18, 2015
fatskinny in Southeast

Will be in city august 2-4...looking for best bone marrow and best razor clams

Agree 100%, great portion size, delicious preparation

Jul 29, 2013
fatskinny in Manhattan

Markets & Street Fairs

Planning out my itinerary for an upcoming trip and have a few of the above mentioned places as possible things to do/places to eat. Which of these are skippable or underwelming on their own or compared to some others. Have I left any off worth checking out?


Union Sq Green Market
Hester Street Fair
Smogasburg (I know its outer boroughs, but please cut me some slack)

Do the 8th Ave Festival or Steinway Street Festival offer anything food or non-food related, worth making the trip for?

Thanks in advance,

Apr 24, 2012
fatskinny in Manhattan

Walk-in Recs

Thanks Kathryn, great to know about Ippudo

I've repeatedly found myslef on Txikito's webpage over the past few days and it looks great! I figured such a unique restaurant would be booked up on the reg. Will definitely try for that reservation.

Apr 24, 2012
fatskinny in Manhattan

Walk-in Recs

Thanks EBT! How do you like Public? Their menu looks great to me, lots of interesting flavors and ingredients, but I wonder if my wife would feel the same. Do they offer consistently good daily specials, not found on the menu?

Apr 24, 2012
fatskinny in Manhattan

Walk-in Recs

Greetings Manhattan Hounds, my wife and I will be traveling to your great city this Thursday, departing Sunday. This trip came up short notice, and so far I have only booked The Modern for Friday night. A slight panic is setting in as I worry we wont be able to have the NYC food experience I desire.

It seems we will have to brave being walk-ins for Thursday and Saturday nights, and I was hoping to get some feedback and direction from you kind folks. I am considering the following spots to try either night :


-Momofuku Noodle or Ssam


-A Blue Ribbon establishment

-Mark Forgione



I guess my questions are where might we have the best success at snagging a table, the wait times we might encounter at say 7:30-8ish or 9:30-10ish, and if you have any other alternative recommendations. We enjoy a fun atmosphere, but lo-key works as well. Price isn't super important as long as it's worth what is being charged.

*Also, has anyone seen anything decent still available on OT for this weekend? Saturday night we will be joined by a third, FWIW



Apr 24, 2012
fatskinny in Manhattan