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Top Five L.A. Sandwiches?

"The Sandwich"-Roma Deli
Marinated Pork Cemita-Cemitas Poblanas Elvirita
Godmother-Bay Cities
Bahn Mi (with pork)-Bahn Mi My Tho
Italian Sub-Marios Italian Deli

May 14, 2012
fishinwater in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood for a visit

There are not any Mexican restaurants I really love in Hollywood (I've been to the Loteria satellite at the Farmers Market but not the Hollywood "proper" restaurant location). My favorite Hollywood spots are generally and almost exclusively in the Little Armenia/Thai Town section.
For Armenian:
Marouch-no competition
Carousel-less expensive, less amazing
Zankou-good fast food, must-try mutabal
For Thai:
Jitlada-for southern Thai
Pailin or Spicy Thai-for Northern Thai
Sapp-for standard noodle soups and rice dishes
Pa Ord is great as well, though I feel the portions are sometimes lacking

Apr 18, 2012
fishinwater in Los Angeles Area

Mexican in Highland Park?

I would try My Taco or jump up the road a bit into Eagle Rock for Cacao Mexicatessen. My Taco may be a bit short on the "character" part but the food will make your forget about that.

Apr 08, 2012
fishinwater in Los Angeles Area