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Winnipeg and the Trans Canada

I hope I'm not too is still early August :) We just got back from Winnipeg and LOVED our dinner at deer + almond. It is tapas formula so it's best to go with a group I think. There will be so many plates you want to try but hard to do with two people!

Saskatoon recommendations?

I lurve me some Ayden Kitchen & Bar.

Of course the menus are seasonal and you can always count on some stellar cocktails from Christopher Cho.

We're doing Fringe right now in Calgary. We've seen Kitt & Jane: An Interactive Survival Guide..., Einstein!, and Sansei. Absolutely loved Sansei. We've also heard great things about Hudson Bay Epic so we're going to try and see it on Thursday.
We also happened to be in Winnipeg during fringe...but only had time for one show. We saw Running on Stilts and it was pretty good.

Wagyu Steaks YYC

Good to know. Now if I could just find some fresh fava beans...

June 2014 COTM - My Paris Kitchen: Desserts (Les desserts), Pantry (Ingr├ędients de base)

oooh! I bet they are :) Do I want to go down that road? I may never come back...

Jun 02, 2014
gardengorilla in Home Cooking

June 2014 COTM - My Paris Kitchen: Desserts (Les desserts), Pantry (Ingr├ędients de base)

For some odd reason I've really been into making tarts lately. I still haven't found 'the' pastry recipe for me, so when I bought My Paris Kitchen I knew the first thing I would do is head for one of his tart recipes. I used the Apricot Crumble Tart recipe from page 309 but substituted rhubarb and strawberries as they were seasonal. You can read all about it here:

Jun 02, 2014
gardengorilla in Home Cooking

Calgary or Banff for most of a day

I second this recommendation. Love Crazyweed.

dining in Saskatoon, 2014

Yes! It is'll need a reso.
here's my post on it

Pink Peppercorns

Apparently they are delicious on ice cream with strawberries :)

Mar 25, 2014
gardengorilla in Home Cooking

Big Taste 2014 YYC

We went to quite a few new places this year.
Two events...Downtownfood and Blink (just me, no hubby)
And we had dinner at Candela last night.
I took a couple of friends to Wurst and The Brasserie.
I feel like I've run a gauntlet...that's a lot of eating out for me!
Downtownfood and Blink were outstanding, the family REALLY enjoyed Candela last night.
the only disappointment was The Brasserie where we waited almost an hour for the Big Taste lunch menu and it arrived cold...bad for a very fatty brisket. So very disappointing.

Vernors Ginger Ale YYC

I second this. I haven't ever had Vernors, but Fentiman's is superior

New (sort of) Organic Market YYC

Great! I will check it out. Glad to see a store of interest close to me.

Small Town Road Trip Suggestions?

google 'marathon mouth' He travels a lot and blogs about hole in the wall food at hole in the wall places.

Where to find San Marzano tomatoes in Winnipeg?


ham hock smoked in yyc

the European Deli in Haysboro is pretty stocked...

and kracovia on heritage dr.

Regional Must-Eat Foods Saskatchewan

well then...there's the Big Olaf in Waskesiu. That's as local as you can get :)
And I am part of that project. The post that I did this morning only has a tiny bit to do about food and there is no recipe. Valerie assured me it was okay to do a post with no recipe.
As I grew up on the farm, I really find the 'farm to table' and grass fed beef really funny ;) Isn't that how we all eat? I didn't realize how good I had it!

and the Big Olaf

Regional Must-Eat Foods Saskatchewan

I grew up in Saskatchewan. Never ate pemmican...but I did eat bannock.
how about bison? My uncle was one of the first bison farmers in SK.
And in university we ate A LOT of Verns!
You may want to check out the 'A Canadian Foodie' blog by Valerie Lugonja. She is headiing a project called 'the Canadian Food Experience Project' where bloggers across Canada (including me) write about monthly Canadian food topics.

Dry Aged Meat YYC

The newly renovated Crowfoot Co op and the one on South MacLeod trail in between heritage and sountland.
I haven't looked at the prices though.
good luck, let us know what you find!

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

Thanks for replying...turned out my sister came for a visit and brought me a five gallon pail full of beautiful rosy red but tiny (useless to her) apples. They were just perfect for making pectin.
I picked through them and was able to make two batches of Earl Grey Tea Jelly.

Where to buy Cherry Coke & Vanilla Coke in YYC?

you can get it at the burger place in the food court at Calgary Farmer's Market...

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

I'm happy to report my sister came for a visit and brought a huge pail of tiny red apples.
It took some time to pick through them and boil them down but now I have some beautiful ruby coloured Earl Grey Jelly ready to enjoy.
Thanks to all that responded! The pectin experiment worked a treat!

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

I may just take you up on that of our kids has a football game at Shouldice Wed evening so I may be able to drop by then if that's ok


The Ranche is an amazing restaurant!! But not a diner/ethnic or chain restaurant.
I love how seasonal and Canadian it is but man is it dark in there!

Beignets in Calgary?

yeah. I mentioned those on an earlier reply. They are delcious at Patisserie du Soleil.

Evan's Cherry Jelly Recipe-Anyone?

I have a huge pail of Evan's cherries just begging to be made into jelly. Does anyone have a fool proof recipe?
Not sayin' I'm a fool...

Aug 14, 2013
gardengorilla in Home Cooking

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

I will travel if I need too :)

"Live" sauerkraut in Calgary?

I'll be making some this year. My mom is scouting around for a 10L crock for me...
I remember helping my Grandma make it, it isn't that hard but according to my mom they had a batch go bad one year because the house was too cool (it was a late batch)
I can't wait to give it a go!

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

I have my heart set (get it?!) on a delicious sounding Earl Grey Jelly....
but that one sounds good too! Depends upon how many apples I can pick.

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

ooh sweet!
we're pretty far south in the city..Sundance. It might be a while before I can come and pick though.
check out
It's my blog and there is a contact do hickey there :

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

The recipe I have specifies under ripe crab or tart apples.
I've never tried this before but yeah probably this year apples will be a bit later. My sister's in Sask. looked ready to go...

Desperately Seeking Crab Apples

I have a sudden hankering to make my own pectin....anyone have a crab apple tree I can strip?