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Where to have New Years dinner in Wellington?

During our trip to NZ for the holidays we'll stay in Wellington for New Year. ( family of 2 adts, 2 chd 8&13 yrs old)
Would love some ideas of where to have dinner on New Years Eve as I belive we would need to reserve in advance. Something with that little extra (food, wine & atmosphere) for a special evening!
thx in advance,

Best places to eat in NZ??

Hi and thx for all your suggestions! Looking forward to go, only 1 1/2 month left now...


Best places to eat in NZ??

We're going to NZ during the holidays and would like some ideas of restaurants with good food & wine and cool atmosphere in; (all kind of foods; local, seafood, asian, meat)

Queenstown, Rotorua, Ohakune, Wellington, Kaikoura and Auckland

We're travelling with 2 kids (8&13) so not too fancy&strict.

thx in advance...........