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superbowl 2014

OK Chowhounders, we're not in the big game this year but I still want to enjoy the whole spectacle of the ' S****bowl'. (are you happy now Rodger Goodell ?) Any ideas where to watch in Boston area ie. comfortable, good food and drink (not the usual fried mozz., potato skin routine !) or should take out and stay home and watch, any ideas on that route ? Good food that is not the ordinary 'nuke and serve' cuisine ? Thanx to all and when do pitchers and catchers report ; )

Jan 27, 2014
timmm in Greater Boston Area

Heritage Turkey

Great suggestions on all the places that have fresh free range turkeys!! I'm looking specifically for a fresh Heritage turkey. Picked one up at Prowse Farm in canton last year but forgot the name of the purveyor. Anyone know of anywhere I can find one ? Thanx to all.

Nov 10, 2013
timmm in Greater Boston Area

country ham

anybody know where i could procure a real country ham in the Boston area? I'm talking the real salt cured, smoked kind that is similar to Italian prosciutto in its preparation. Not a smithfield ham or Virginia ham. That refers to the curing style, a wet cure as opposed to a dry cure process that the country ham uses. Thanx!!

Mar 21, 2013
timmm in Greater Boston Area

Bacon flavored vodka

Do you know of any liquor stores that sell bacon flavored vodka ? Yes it's real and yes I'm serious. Saw a drink recipe I'd like to try.

Feb 05, 2013
timmm in Greater Boston Area

Fruit purees and or concentrates

I wanted to try a fruit gelee recipe I saw in Dec. cooking Light mag. It calls fort fruit purees or concentrates and recommends ones from perfectpuree.com. They are all 1kg. packages and @$25.00/ item. Was wondering if there was any place in Boston area or on internet I could get same or similar item in a smaller amount/price. 2.2 lbs. is a lot of puree! Thanx

Dec 09, 2012
timmm in Greater Boston Area

Dried rosebuds

Does anyone know where I can purchase dried rose buds or petals in the boston/cambridge area ?
Have tried many middle eastern stores in the area and the usual exotic spice carriers in thax area to no avail. I am using them to make a dish called Persian jeweled rice. Thanx a million timmm

Apr 04, 2012
timmm in Greater Boston Area