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Pubs/bars with the NFL Sunday Ticket

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a Saints fan so for the first game of the season I am going to give Liquor Lyle's a try to see how it is since I know it's a popular bar. i do like to have fun people I can trash talk with and I think LL might be the place. If It sucks I'll give these places a try! Thanks again!

Northern burbs

I would also suggest Truffles and Torte's in Anoka. It's just a soup and sammy place but it's owned by a pastry chef and the desserts are something you would expect to find in a high end bakery in the more economically well off areas of the Twin Cities or any other major city. I've also heard the ice cream place in Anoka is really good too. Syrum's (Anoka) has really good wings.

La Herradura in Blaine/Fridley (right on the border) by Northtown Mall is the best Mexican in the area if you ask me. Plus they have some of the best margaritas I've ever had. If you have a SO get the fajitas especial. They come with chorizo, shrimp, chicken and steak and you can easily feed two people twice with it and the leftovers. The leftovers are especially tasty in eggs or a breakfast burrito.

Pink Flower on 65 has some great Vietnamese food too.

The Well near Northtown is a dive but they have great wings and pretty good burgers. Wednesday is 50 cent wing day. They give you the full wing too not just the drumstick part.

I've heard good things about the Indian place on 65 by old hwy 10 but my experience wasn't great. I'll chop it up to bad timing. It's vegetarian though so be warned.

Kings korean on central is pretty tasty and authentic. Only been once but my food was fab.

Pubs/bars with the NFL Sunday Ticket

Me and several of my friends have football loyalties that lie outside of the Vikings. Don't worry though we aren't Packers fans. Are there any places in Minneapolis that have both the NFL ticket and good food? NO Buffalo Wild Wings suggestions. I'm looking for a better food product. Bar food is fine just not a chain that large.

I would be coming from the northern burbs so St. Paul and the S side of Minneapolis is not ideal. Uptown is about as far south as I would want to go.

Caribe Closing

They are closing but like a few other users mentioned they are reopening in the very ethinically diverse area of NE/Columbia Heights. They have started a kickstarter campaign to help raise some funds for the new site. Here is the page link if anyone is interested in donating. They are offering some really nice perks for dontations too.

I cannot comment on wether or not the lightrail is fully to blame but I only heard about Caribe recently. There aren't a lot of carribean places in the cities and i love carribean food so thier closing combined with the great reviews this place has makes me eager to donate and visit the new site.

Eating in N.O. for the first time in 1.5

A bit of a background. I went to school in nola so I know all the big named restaurants to go to and avoid. I want to hear about places new to N.O within the last year or so. I've got my po boy taken care of so no worries there but what's new in the city that I should'nt miss? In or out of the FQ/CBD doesn't matter as I will be staying in Lakeview with friends. N.O. locals tell me your favorite new spots. I will be in town for 3 nights and 4 days. I like a good dive as much as a classy place like August. Help y'all!

Apr 04, 2012
thdiz1396 in New Orleans

The Best Thing You Ever Ate: New Orleans

Reading this post makes me miss my adopted hometown sooooo much. Can't wait to get back for the first time in over a year and a half...less than a month!

Anyways, I can't break it down to an idividual single dish so here.

App: Crabmeat cheesecake from Palace Cafe
-I tried so hard to recreate this for thanksgiving last year and it just didn't work. The sauce broke and I almost started to cry.
Entree: Chicken and Waffles from Cuvee
-I was heartbroken to hear this place closed. My first meal there was one the of the best meals I have ever had in my entire life. The chef overheard my friend and I talking about a dessert another table had and had it sent over to us....after we had a sample dessert plate. That dessert? A homemade orange moonpie. I loved everything about it. It was soo good. Even if the rest of the food had been meh that still would've been one of the best meals of my life. I've had chicken and waffles other places but this is the best on the planet.
Dessert: Bread pudding souflee from Commander's
-I know it's cliche and overdone but cliches are cliche for a reason. This is not only my best dessert in the city but one of the best desserts ever. I even hate raisins and love this dessert.

Now I'm all hungry for nola food. Time to plan my food journey for next month.

Apr 04, 2012
thdiz1396 in New Orleans