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le creuset outlet sales for summer 2012

Trying to save a little extra money on the side and wanted to know if there are any good sales going on at le creuset outlet stores over the summer?

May 22, 2012
Philliesfan91 in Cookware

Sur la table multi clad?

Anybody have these pots? Like/dislike? Trying to choose between all clad and the sur la table set. Any suggestions/opinions?

Apr 24, 2012
Philliesfan91 in Cookware

5 qt le creuset casserole

Anybody ever really use this large of a dish? Is it better than 3.5?

Apr 24, 2012
Philliesfan91 in Cookware

Le Creuset dilemma

Finally getting my first full set of cookware from le creuset. I currently have a mixture of the cobalt blue and red crocks and bakeware dishes and am not sure about what I should get color wise. I am in college and while I don't throw big dinner parties and family functions now I plan on it and i would really like to buy this set one time and only one time. Both are on sale this weekend for the same price but am fearful of the discontinuation of the cobalt blue. Has anybody here created a full set? Should I mix and match the red and blue? I am a little OCD about matching? I am gonna drive myself crazy! Also, what pieces should I get? I just got the 8 and 12 qt stockpot and even though they are both blue, I can return them. Just wanna make sure I get something that is timeless and can go into many different kitchens.

Apr 04, 2012
Philliesfan91 in Cookware