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Best Sushi in the Florida Keys?

I'll be down there in June and know you guys have the freshest fish! What is the best sushi restaurant in the keys? I'll be staying in Key West, but willing to drive for the best. Best means different things to different people? I am looking for generous and fresh. Authentic would be nice, as well. But not into posh.

Thank you!

Apr 20, 2012
sndesigner in Florida

Best Argentinian Parilladas and Facturas in Miami?

Gosh, you guys have been so helpful! I think I'm going to get my fill while I'm there. Churros de dulce de leche are my childhood favorite! I can't wait. So I was going to save some room for Cuban food... but now I think comida Argentina all the way!! Muy Agradezido por todos los consejos!

Seek recommendations on Key West, FL pub crawl for singles

Going to Key West in late June. 45yr bachelor looking to spend his birthday doing a fun pub crawl. Any recommendations as to which organized pub crawl to contact?? Thanks!

Best Argentinian Parilladas and Facturas in Miami?

I'm visiting in June from Austin, TX. One of the things I want to do is have a good Parillada and facturas Argentinas (want genuine medialunas, which we do not have in Austin.) It’s been ages since I’ve been to Argentina. I miss this food, terribly. My family is from Argentina, so I know what great Argentine food should taste like.

I did a little investigating and came up with these Argentinian Parilladas in Miami. Can you advise on which one is best, or if you know of a better one?

- La Parrilla Liberty Argentinian Steakhouse

- Graziano's Restaurant

- Patagonia

- The Knife (


I also came across this recommendation for facturas:

- Confiteria Buenos Aires Bakery & Café

- La Estancia Argentina