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Tablets, smart phones and apps in the Kitchen

Ditto to the accolades for may be what most makes me love my IPad! In addition to features others have extolled, you can email your recipes to friends right from the app , automatically laid out for you with photo, ingredients section, directions sections and notes if you have added any. It also allows you to scale recipe size. It is the best! Also ditto to cooking with your iPad in a ziplock gallon size bag zipped closed. You can fearlessly swipe and tap no matter how much batter, flour, whatever is on your fingers, right through the bag!

Jan 24, 2014
Time2Cook in Cookware

Red Velvet Cake

looks scrumptious. Philadelphia brand now makes WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM CHEESE. It is awesome when used instead of regular cream cheese to make a frosting or topping. Just reduce the amount of Sugar by 1/3.

Jun 07, 2012
Time2Cook in Recipes