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Grass-fed Beef and Free-range Eggs in Lancaster

Does anyone know a source for grass-fed beef and free-range eggs in Lancaster? I'm looking for eggs from chickens who actually spend time outside, not just those who have "access" to the outdoors. I also don't especially want to buy an entire cow. I'd like to just buy basic cuts.

Jun 28, 2008
visnis in Pennsylvania

Dining in Lancaster

We live here. Our favorite for PA Dutch cooking is the Country Table in Mt. Joy. We also like the Asian Bistro, El Serrano, the Taj Mahal (Indian), Isaac's (sandwiches). Your Place is kind of a dive/bar, but they have good stromboli and chicken corn soup. There are a number of places in the area that make their own ice cream. We like: the Strasburg Creamery (don't go on a weekend during the summer), Maplehofe Farm Dairy, Coleman's. The Oregon Dairy is a grocery store that has a restaurant which serves PA Dutch food, has a playground, and ice cream made from their own milk. They send the milk to State College to be turned into ice cream. It's very good. The D&S Brasserie is pretty good for dressy casual.

Jun 28, 2008
visnis in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg-Hershey-Lancaster Area

Fiorentino's is good, and reasonably priced. There are 2 locations. One is in the Lancaster Airport, near Lititz. Lititz is a cute little town. There are some little pastry/coffee shops there, and you can check out the shops, the Wilbur's chocolate factory, and the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery (try the cinnamon pretzels). Cafe Chocolate in Lititz is good.

Jun 05, 2008
visnis in Pennsylvania

Lancaster County

We've lived here for 10 years, and we have young children. My husband is morally opposed to spending a lot on food, so we tend to go to inexpensive, family-friendly places. Here are some of the ones we like.

-The best breakfast around is the Country Table in Mt. Joy.
-Smith's Hotel in Columbia is a dive, but has good cheesesteaks.
-Our kids love Ichiban on the Fruitville Pike, near KMart. It's hibachi-style. The food is pretty good, and the service very pleasant.
-Central Market has a number of really good food stands, as well as reasonably-priced produce. Wendy Jo's Homemade and Ric's Bread have yummy baked goods. Senorita Burrita has good burritos. There's an African (Kenyan maybe?) stand that has good salads.
-We like El Serrano's for Mexican, the Taj Mahal for Indian, Olive and Jasmine's for Asian fusion, and Fiorentino's for Italian. One of the Fiorentino's locations is in the Lancaster airport, which our kids get a kick out of. Also, Cafe Chocolate in Lititz is interesting.
-There are Isaac's in a number of locations. They have pretty good sandwiches.
-The Creamery in Strasburg has good ice cream made on-site. Avoid this in the summer! Strasburg is a major tourist draw, and the creamery gets really crowded.

This summer, you should also check out all the farm stands. Cherry Hill Orchard on Rt 741 near New Danville Pike offers lots of pick-your-own fruit--cherries (sweet and sour), peaches/nectaries, plums, and wonderful apples. Try cruising around Strasburg and Gap on side roads for great, just-picked corn-on-the-cob.

May 18, 2008
visnis in Pennsylvania

Touring Amusement Parks, want good chow in PA, VA, MD

We live in Lancaster and have season passes to both Hershey Park and Dutch Wonderland (they're both owned by Hershey Entertainment). There aren't many restaurants in Hershey, other than at the Lodge or Hotel (we would love to know of any other decent restaurants in Hershey, if you find one). We've eaten at Red Robin, which is right outside the park. It's a chain, but the food's not bad. However, the service can be abysmal. Inside the park, there used to be a place that made its own potato chips and had a variety of sausage sandwiches. It's located in the food court behind the Dry Gulch Railroad depot. We often go to Chocolate World to get free chocolate after the free factory tour ride. Sometimes we get dessert in Chocolate World after the free ride.

As far as Lancaster goes, the Lyndon City Diner on the Manheim Pike (Rt 72) is pretty good for breakfast. Lapp's isn't bad as long as you don't get the buffet. For dinner, try Olive & Jasmine's, which is down the road from Dutch Wonderland. Or, just eat kettle corn at the park. It's pretty good.

May 18, 2008
visnis in Pennsylvania

Let's talk about biscuits!

I think the best biscuits are made from Bisquick. That could just be a memory of my grandmother, though. I've also made them from a recipe in an old Joy of Cooking that is also very good. Both of my grandmothers were from Missouri farm country, so there were a lot of biscuits to be had in their kitchens. The Joy of Cooking belonged to one of them.

Feb 09, 2008
visnis in Home Cooking

After school snacks?

How about smoothies with yogurt, fruit and a little juice? I recently saw a suggestion to freeze apple sauce and then blend it. I have also baked apples, frozen them (whole), and then blended them (not my idea). My kids love frozen fruit. I buy bags of frozen berries and they eat the fruit straight out of the freezer. My mom used to dip bananas in chocolate and freeze them. You might need a little help with a couple of these, but they're all things that could be done ahead on the weekend.

By the way, if you snack on good, healthy unprocessed foods and watch the quantity that you eat, a snack after school won't hurt you, particularly if you get stuck eating lunch at 11:00 like some kids.

Feb 09, 2008
visnis in Home Cooking

6 Meals in Penn. Dutch Countryry

One of the best PA Dutch restaurants I've been to is the Country Table in Mt. Joy. Wonderful pancakes, waffles, baked oatmeal. Good country cooking for lunch and dinner, good baked stuff for dessert. Simmons bakery in Lampeter is good for lunch and baked stuff.

Jan 18, 2008
visnis in Pennsylvania

Family lunch/dinner in Charleston


We're taking my kids (4 and 6) on a road trip to Disney World, and we're driving from PA. We're planning to detour to Charleston. Where should we take them to eat that will be fun for them, tasty for us, and not too expensive/formal? I've read about the Wreck in a couple of postings. Would that be a good choice? I wouldn't mind stretching their taste buds a little bit--they tend to overdose on chicken fingers when we're on vacation. While I'm at it, does anyone know any good stops (for food or leg stretching) not too far off 95 in between PA and Florida?


Dec 27, 2007
visnis in General South Archive

Thoughts on Lancaster PA

There's still a Lanvina on the Lincoln Highway, near Blockbuster and CVS. At least, there was a year ago. I think there's also a new Vietnamese place near Howard Johnson's (the place with the new indoor waterpark) on the Lincoln Highway. I haven't tried it though.

Sep 30, 2007
visnis in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg- Cumberland County PA

In Lancaster, there are several places that I've been told have decent ethnic food (I don't have a lot to compare to, but I like them). The Taj Mahal for Indian, The Lemon Grass for Thai, and El Serrano for Mexican.

Sep 23, 2007
visnis in Pennsylvania

Lancaster / PA Dutch ?

The Country Table in Mt Joy is pretty good. Good baked goods. Krieder's on the Manheim Pike isn't bad. You can order ice cream sundaes with the buffet. My kids love both these places. Your Place on the Lincoln Highway has great stromboli, and also does country food as well. They have a lunch buffet during the week.

Sep 23, 2007
visnis in Pennsylvania