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Mother's day brunch

Thanks for all the recommendations! Mrs. Smith, we must be neighbors. Sweet Maple, 1300, and elite cafe are all right by me! And that's a good point about people being more forgiving on mother's day. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks so much for your help!

Mother's day brunch

Hi all. I'm looking for somewhere special to take my wife and our 8 month old son for our very first mother's day. We used to have brunch every weekend but can't hang out and wait an hour in line like we used to, so I'm thinking somewhere with a reservation. And somewhere a well behaved baby is acceptable. The kid loves food just like his mommy and daddy! :) Thanks!

Asian desserts...why don't I like them?

It took me a long time to realize the reason I like some Indian desserts but not others was the rose water. It just tastes funny to me. I love a lot of other Asian desserts, though. The not-to-sweet cakes, red bean and sesame filled items ... mmmm. But my favorite is the combination of tapoica, coconut milk, and fruits like mango, lychee, rambutan, or jackfruit. Like these two:

How to make a THICK Thai peanut sauce?

This is my favorite peanut sauce, by far. Every time I make it, it ends up going on everything I eat until I run out.

Apr 19, 2012
caffinatedmints in Home Cooking

My mouth is on fire! Memorable spicy food moments. [moved from Not About Food]

I was out to dinner at a Thai restaurant with my friend's family. We ordered not spicy and apparently it was still too much for her mom. She turned bright red and started sweating. We were all laughing, but the kicker was when our Mexican waiter came by and saw her and yelled back to the kitchen "Gringo on fire!"

Simple Recipes that are Incredibly Delicious!

Makes me think of these popovers from Tasting Table (just milk, egg, flour, and gruyere) and my kids' favorite dessert with canned tropical fruit and nondairy creamer.

Apr 07, 2012
caffinatedmints in Home Cooking

What did your Mom always have on hand, that you NEVER do?

Chicken powder. It's like dried, powdered chicken flavoring and she used to put on everything ... including chicken! I hadn't thought about it in years until I saw this potsticker recipe. No wonder her food was always so flavorful.

Breakfast that knocks your socks off

I love eggs poached in salsa. I pour a jar of chunky salsa into a skillet and cook it down for a few minutes, then make a well for each egg and cook for a few more. The eggs take up the flavor of the salsa nicely and it comes out rich and delicious. I usually serve it over rice or on a toasted bagel. If it's not as indulgent as you're looking for, maybe add chorzo to the salsa or add a bit of cream and shrimp while you're cooking it down.

Apr 02, 2012
caffinatedmints in Home Cooking

Asian-style hotdogs at Doggy-Style in Alameda

I love that they really embraced the fusion thing. Sounds like BopNGrill in Chicago - kimchi burger, moco loco, mac and cheese eggrolls... mmm. I can't think of where to find similar stuff here but I get Lao sausages from Vientian Cafe in Oakland and rolls from a Viet sandwich shop in Sacramento and make my own. You can probably get good bread in lots of places closer than Sac but that happens to be my favorite.

What are you baking these days? April 2012 [old]

Egg tarts. I always get them with dim sum but it never occurred to me that I could make them at home before.

Apr 02, 2012
caffinatedmints in Home Cooking

Burgers and coffee, that's elf food, apparently -- your thoughts solicited

Also, I love Vientan. Definitely try the nam kao, lao sausage, and sticky rice (Lao sticky rice is way better than steamed rice). My other favorites are kao poon (red curry/coconut milk soup) and the BBQ short ribs. My wife's fave is the kao piak (like Lao chicken noodle soup).

Burgers and coffee, that's elf food, apparently -- your thoughts solicited

Looks like you're pretty well set but in case you're still looking, I'm a big fan of burgers at Bistro SF Grill. It sounds like you're looking for well made straight-ahead kind of burger, which this place does quite well, but if you're feeling a little more adventurous I was totally blown away by how good the lamb burgers were. They also have gator, bison, boar, and God knows what else. Good stuff.

cooking bulgogi on a George Foreman grill

Never tried on a Foreman grill but I like the idea. I've made it in a skillet and you're right - the thinly sliced meat cooks fast. Should only take a few minutes. If it works I'll definitely start making it that way..

Mar 31, 2012
caffinatedmints in Home Cooking