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Marrow Bones

Anyone know where I can find a butcher/meat market/etc that sells marrow bones?

Nov 08, 2008
xeresana in Austin

Most underrated happy hour?

Where's a good place for happy hour that doesn't get packed with people? Any underrated spot you're willing to share?

Oct 16, 2008
xeresana in Austin

Cafe de Bella

I am loving that place, too. I have tried the gourmet sandwich and it was quite good. I also tried the chicken sandwich was was a thinly sliced chicken lunchmeat and it wasn't bad. My favorites are the juices! They seem a little pricey at first, but they appear to be squeezed from actual, ripe fruit! Yeah! A friend had a watermelon juice that she absolutely loved and I had them blend mango and carrot juice for me and it was wonderful! I defintely recommend grabbing a juice if you're in the neighborhood!

Jul 18, 2008
xeresana in Austin

Chocoflan/Pastel imposible or Pastel de tres leches

A friend has requested that for her birthday cake this year, she would like a chocoflan/pastel imposible or a pastel de tres leches. I'm about to make an attempt at making chocoflan, but I'm not so convinced that this will work. Are there any bakeries here in Austin that make a chocoflan/pastel imposible?

And as an alternative, which bakeries make the best pastel de tres leches?

Thanks. :)

May 16, 2008
xeresana in Austin

Posole or Pozole?

I've seen different kinds of posole, too. My own favorite would probably be the one that I make.

Several years ago, when I was working as a bilingual teacher, I was invited to a birthday lunch for one of my students. His mother made the most amazing posole I had ever had. It was not swimming in grease (yee haw!) and it was made with chicken, not pork. For the life of me, I can't remember where she was from in Mexico. She was a relatively recent arrival to the U.S. I can't recall her dialect, but most of my kids came from Nuevo León. If I had to guess...maybe from there? Anyway, having never been a big fan of posole, mostly for the grease factor, I was astounded at how much I liked posole with chicken. So, ever since, I have been making it like she did, with chicken, and with the flamboyant sides (something else I had never considered) and posole has since become one of my very favorite dishes. :)

Jan 01, 2008
xeresana in General Topics

Tamales and atole - out of the back of a truck

Well...I finally got myself back over there. I'll do my best to answer your questions, theabroma. I'll do my best to describe the tamales - then the owners. :)

I had a tamal with rajas y queso. I'm not sure how to judge the thickness of the masa. The color was a pale creamy color - simliar to the color of white corn tortillas, I guess. The masa itself, at least in this tamal (and I can't remember if this was typical or not) was definitely not meant to be eaten out of the hand. It was moist and soft. I didn't detect chile powder or cumin, but I'm not sure that my tastebuds are that advanced. :) The rajas had a mild heat to them and a really nice roasted flavor. The queso was a yellowy orange cheese, not a white cheese. I don't recall seeing lots of yellow cheeses in Mexico. When in Rome, I guess.

Anyway, the owners, I stopped to chat with them this morning because they actually had a lull in the line! I got a business card from them and asked them about where they were from. They tell me they are from Mexico City. :) Upon request from the chowhounds, I asked for more specific info, asking if they were *really* from Mexico City. Indeed, they tell me, they are. The husband said that he is from the side with the basilica. After I left, I realized the wife didn't respond as to whether she was from Mexico City itself or a surrounding town.

Anyway, they gave me another copy of their business card. If you order a few dozen, they will deliver. We got a few dozen tamales last year for Mother's Day and they were a huge hit. Their card reads:

Tamales "Dianys" Atole y tamales caseros estilo méxico. - rojos - verdes - dulce - rajas con queso - de puero o pollo - hecho todos los días

The card also gives out their number (I"m not sure about posting rules on chowhoud, so I'll wait to post that if it's allowable) and the card ends with an "entregamos a su domicilio" which is true. They do if you are ordering, I think at least 2 dozen. :)

As you can probably guess from their card, the crowd is pretty much exclusively Spanish speaking. The husband does speak decent English - certainly enough to get you well-fed. The wife is purely Spanish speaking. I was going to ask them more about how long they have been in Texas and all that good stuff, but a line started forming again so, I took my tamal, my atole, and said my goodbyes. :)

Dec 13, 2007
xeresana in Austin

Mutton--where to buy it fresh?

At the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market, you'll find Loncito's Lamb. We bought a whole lamb from him - maybe in April or so of this year. I think he metioned that he also has mutton that he supplies to Middle Eastern grocery stores. I would check with him to see if he'll sell it direct to you or if he can tell you where in Austin it ends up. His lamb, I like very much.

Dec 09, 2007
xeresana in Austin

Kolaches in the Austin area

Hmmmm....good kolaches? I'm having to redefine the "kolache" since I've come to Austin. My mother is Slovak and we make something similar. We don't call them kolaches, or at least I didn't until I moved here, but they are pretty different. They are strictly a dessert pastry, usually with apricot as the fruit. My dough makes something that comes out like a very thin - maybe 1/4 inch - flaky biscuit. It's topped with fruit (usually apricot) and then a sugar-milk glaze. As far as what is called a "kolache" here, they just remind me of those weird fruit pastries from Sam's you get at the breakfast spreads for morning work meetings.

That said, I have recently found a place called Dream Bakery on Anderson Mill, just east of 183. They have kolaches that are pretty different from ones I've seen before. They look more like turnovers. They do have a sausage - jalapeño, but I haven't tried it. I did try a fruit one the other day, which again looked very different, but was pretty tasty. I had an apple-walnut. They also had blueberry-cream cheese and raspberry-chocolate. The bakery also has a few Persian treats that I really liked. I would definitely try it again. You might head up that way and sample the sausage - jalapeño.

Dec 08, 2007
xeresana in Austin

Tamales and atole - out of the back of a truck

Hmmmm...I don't know where they are from. But, I live around the corner from their location so, I stop by on a somewhat regular basis. I can ask. I'll have to examine the tamales more closely next time. I *think* they have chicken ones and pork ones - with the meat cooked in red or green chile sauces. They have one with rajas y queso and they have the sweet tamale with raisins - which for some reason is tinted pinkish-red. I guess I've been too eager to eat my tamales to notice what type they are. What drew me in was that they always seem to have a line going.

Hmmm...but where are they from? I see a good excuse to eat tamales for breakfast on Monday. :)

Dec 07, 2007
xeresana in Austin

Tamales and atole - out of the back of a truck

Has anyone else tried the tamales and atole sold out of the back of a truck parked in the church parking lot next to La Hacienda on 183/Peyton Gin? They come in the morning, I think they set up at about 7:00 and they sell all kinds of tamales, including a sweet tamal. For atole, they have chocolate with spices (champurrado, I think) and one they call "arroz con leche" which actually does seem to have random bits of, you know, arroz floating in it. Good, cheap breakfast. I think tamales are going for $1 and atole maybe for $1.25.

Dec 06, 2007
xeresana in Austin

Where's the best Mexican food in North Austin?

I live in the 183/Peyton Gin area. I'm minutes away from Lamar. I feel like I must be missing out on some great Mexican food in this area. My hubby and I will happily eat anywhere. We'd love to find good, homemade tortillas. Hubby loves pastor and barbacoa. I love great (and hot) salsas. Any places we should try?

Nov 26, 2007
xeresana in Austin

Raw Milk? Cow Shares? Goat Shares?

Does anyone know of any local dairies offering raw milk - either cow or goat? How about any cow shares or goat shares in the area?

Nov 25, 2007
xeresana in Austin

Best Mexican Candy - Camote, Calabaza

Where can I find the best Mexican candied pumpkin (calabaza) and sweet potato (camote) in Austin? I prefer North Austin but, I'll drive South if need be.

Sep 23, 2007
xeresana in Austin