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Passover desserts question

No one was more surprised that I when a <gasp!> mix I bought from our local kosher store <gasp! again!> turned out to not only "suffice until I can get around to my baking - after all, my husband will eat almost anything chocolate regardless of pedigree. Our store had the hadar cake mixes on sales from $3.89 to 99 cents a box - maybe they were lasts years, maybe they are being discontinued, I have no idea.

I added coffee chocolate chips to the chocolate cake and frosted it with a mocha icing I made. I only added cinnamon to the nut cake, and, to the coffee cake I added some thinly sliced apples. There are certain cakes I make every year (mocha brownies!) and sadly some I don't (no one could bake all year round like my mother-in-law A"H, and especially for Passover - I'll never have the likes of her sponge cake again, so far as I can tell or have tried.)

I would use these cakes in the future if they continue to produce them. I'm going to increase the amount of apples I used with the crumb cake mx and make an apple kugel for during Yom Tov.

Again, who knew?

Apr 05, 2012
Schoenbc in Kosher

Does anyone LIKE matza?

Matzoh and butter - I don't have much of either during the year and can't WAIT for Passover in order to indulge. Love it. I'm fortunate in that I have none of the "stereotypical" problems others have with matzoh.

Apr 05, 2012
Schoenbc in Kosher