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Old School Chinese Restaurant (like China House,RIP)

No, I assumed "old school Chinese" meant authentic. Judging by your reaction, I assume that's not the case. My mistake.

Old School Chinese Restaurant (like China House,RIP)

Well, I didn't say it was mainstream Chinese food :P

It's a fairly great restaurant, and has the decor and capability the OP wanted.

Looking for an Asian restaurant (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, any kind!) for a group of 14-16 people!

So, I'm turning 25 and wanted to go to an Asian restaurant (any type of Asian cuisine, I'm not picky). The party size is around 14-16 people, and the items have to include something for vegetarians and vegans guests!

I have searched around and found that Lee Chen Asian Bistro looks like a good option, but I do want to go out after we eat so I suppose the area around Lee Chen would be unsuitable for that. I'm not opposed to taking a cab if it comes down to it though!

In terms of after the restaurant, I would like to go somewhere that we can dance! I'm not looking for a club, so something like a bar dance place, or a lounge-y dance place would be fun. But of course, the ideal would be walking distance from the restaurant we're eating at but again, not terribly opposed to taking a cab.

Any thoughts?

25th (MALE) Birthday Ideas? HELP!

I really loved Insomnia. I went there for my 24th birthday (I'm a male) and found they were able to host a party of 30 people quite comfortably. They did reserve the back lounge for me and side tables, so all my guests weren't together and some were in small groups. Not sure if that matters, but the food is good, the pricing is great, and the atmosphere was fun.

It does not have any dancing or live music, but there a cool dancing bar called "Clinton's" nearby. Depending on the night, they could be playing Top 40 or 90's or 80's rock. It's not a bad trek there either.

Alternatively, Jack's Pool Hall was where I went after Insomnia and it was a fun place. They had music and a small dance floor. Not clubby at all IMO.

Old School Chinese Restaurant (like China House,RIP)

Just north of Bay & College is Crown Princess Fine Dining. It has big round tables, and pretty authentic Chinese food. I enjoyed it!

Just be mindful as it is a bit pricey!

Restaurant Recommendations in Downtown Montreal

That sounds really nice! I was looking for a nice place for brunch, thank you!

Restaurant Recommendations in Downtown Montreal

Thank you for the Metro tips! I was wondering what route we would take if we decided to use the Metro.

I was also hoping to walk to Old Montreal which apparently is about a 30 minute walk from the hotel (contingent on the weather of course!).

I think drinks is definitely needed! Do you have any suggestions at the Plateau?

Restaurant Recommendations in Downtown Montreal

We've both been to Montreal before, but we haven't been for years. I'm 24, and he's 28, and I believe the last time we went was in our teens.

Thanks for the brunch tips! As I don't eat pork, it can be quite difficult to find a brunch restaurant that serves additional non-bacon items. Call me paranoid, but I'm a bit nervous asking for pork/bacon to be removed from a dish in Montreal!

Restaurant Recommendations in Downtown Montreal

Well, we can always drive if necessary, we are bringing a car.

Restaurant Recommendations in Downtown Montreal

We are fans of all types of cuisines :)

Those do sound good, I do like the look of Taverne Square Dominion.

I have been reading through the other similar topics of restaurants in Montreal, and a few have peaked my interested.

I was interested in going to the Kitchenette (for lunch), Lemeac (as you suggested for dinner), Milos, and Passe Compose.

Any thoughts?

Restaurant Recommendations in Downtown Montreal

Hello all!

I've been looking through some other posts on downtown montreal recommendations, but decided to post my own request. My boyfriend and I will be in Montreal this Saturday (the 12th) and leaving on the Monday (14th). We are looking to dine (breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/dessert) at hot spots in downtown Montreal. In essence, want to hit the most recommended, must try places.

In terms of budget, we aren't looking for anything extremely pricey (as in, more than $50-60 per person) with the exception of Sunday night dinner. I was hoping to go somewhere nice and somewhat formal to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. I was hoping to pay for a meal that was ideally less than $150 for both of us together.

Here is the schedule for our weekend,

Saturday - Breakfast/Brunch; Lunch; Dinner
Sunday - Breakfast/Brunch; Lunch; Fancy Dinner
Monday - Breakfast/Brunch
All 3 Days - Dessert Places (Doesn't matter in what form, restaurant, street, etc..)

We are staying at the Montréal Marriott Château Champlain Hotel, 1 Place du Canada, Montreal, QC Canada H3B 4C9. We are also planning on going to Old Montreal on either Saturday or Sunday so any suggestions for restaurants in this area would be great as well!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

(Also we're still in the planning stages but if anyone has interesting activities/venues/etc... they can recommend, I'd appreciate it!)


The food at Ocho is fairly standard. I thought it was delicious, but no more so than any other restaurant I've been to. With that being said, I would not hesitate to return! The ambience is quite lovely :)

Large Group looking for Downtown Toronto Restaurant!

OK, so I used this website before and it yielded some great finds so hopefully this post will be the same :)

I'm turning 24, and am planning on going out to dinner with my friends and then dancing after. The problem? We're about roughly 30-40 people. Ideally, we'd like to go to a place that isn't very expensive (we'd like to have some meals in the $20-30 range!) as many of us are broke graduate students!


Can be any type of cuisine! Must have vegetarian/vegan options! And this last one is definitely not a requirement but would be nice, is some dancing!

Now, I've done some research on this website and Luma seems to be one that pops up. The prices are a bit steep though! Another one is Bloke & 4th which has the additional dance floor component, but it has a fixed price menu at $45 with 7 platters being served so price + lack of choice in food is a negative. Another choice is Adega which seems to be great, but am worried at the abundance of seafood. I love seafood but am not sure if all my guests would agree!

Any help or guidance would mean a lot at this point! The birthday is scheduled for October 12 but I would like to book this restaurant ASAP!

Thanks in advance :)

Students looking for a place with drinks and food! (Cheap would be great!)

We ended up going to Insomnia! We went out last night, and it was a great success! Great prices, and a wonderful atmosphere. There were 18 of us, and everyone was accommodated.

Would definitely consider going back. Thanks a lot Luvtooeat :)

Students looking for a place with drinks and food! (Cheap would be great!)

Either/or would be fine :)

Students looking for a place with drinks and food! (Cheap would be great!)

Right, sorry.

I would say meals in the $10-20 range, drinks nothing higher than $12?

Students looking for a place with drinks and food! (Cheap would be great!)

A bunch of us are looking to go to a spot somewhere in downtown Toronto where we could eat and have some drinks. As we're all graduate students, we are on a very tight budget!

Also, we're going for a special occasion, our friend is moving back to Nova Scotia so not sure if that makes a difference!

Any help would be appreciated it :D