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5th Wedding Annivesary Dinner in Kalamazoo

Thank you! This is helpful. I love Food Dance but felt like they were kinda coasting there for a while... good to hear it's back. Even if we don't go for dinner that night, I will definitely go there at some point during our trip! I'm thinking either London Grill of Rustica... thanks again!

Food Dance Cafe
401 E Michigan Ave Ste 100, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

London Grill
214 E Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

May 26, 2011
ToriBK in Great Lakes

5th Wedding Annivesary Dinner in Kalamazoo

My husband and I will be back in my hometown of Kalamazoo for our 5th wedding anniversary (we live in NYC). Seems like most of the related posts here are from a few years ago, so thought I'd put out a new call for suggestions of great places to go in good ol' Kzoo. Right now I'm thinking either London Grill/Singapore, Cosmos or Rustica... what dya say?

May 09, 2011
ToriBK in Great Lakes

Quality Chicken Stock in Park Slope?

Any suggestions as to where I could buy good chicken stock in P.S.?


Sep 23, 2007
ToriBK in Outer Boroughs