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Knoxville Hamburgers

They are open Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday. Daily lunch specials are very popular. Greek-owned restaurant with excellent food and as always Pete is working the flat top grill. Breakfast is a MUST, Pete's Special is more food than you can imgaine and the prices are incredibly low. There's also a fried egg BLT. I could go on, I am a big fan

Knoxville Hamburgers

Pete's Coffee Shop in downtown (on Union Avenue, across from the YMCA) has a great burger. It's called "Joey's Jumbo Burger" and it comes with 2 kinds of cheese. It's grilled to order and is served on toasted bread, Awesome.

One BBQ dinner in Memphis - A&R, BBQ Shop, Central, or Corky's for ribs?

I grew up in Memphis and visit every chance I get. What's been said previously about the Graceland area and safety is true. However, personal safety can be an issue if you go around with your mind elsewhere. Just be careful and aware of your surroundings, you'll be fine. The BBQ Shop on Madison is good, it's easy to get a table, and it's safe to park on the street or behind the restaurant. Central BBQ on Central Avenue is also very good, but parking and seating (inside and out) is limited. It's a safe area too.
Do not bother with Corky's, it's too commercial and not that good.
If you're going to Alcenia's for lunch, and I highly recommend it, go early because it's busy and parking is limited. You can call ahead and they'll have it ready for pickup. BJ (the owner) will be glad to see you and will give you a hug.
Good Luck.