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Weekend report

Thanks to all who helped to reaffirm or redirect our choices. Unseasonably warm and dry and Holiday spirit abounded . We try to get to NYC from BOS every quarter for theater and food. We did 3 plays in 2 days and ate very well all 4 days we were in the City. Most meals planned. A couple standins.
Kajitsu. What a lovely lunch surprise. Salad tofu broth and the most exquisite tempura. Would have been happy with just the tempura. Shaved salt? Really how do they do that? Spare quiet room Excellent service until the room started to fill With one server and one buser we had to cancel dessert due to matinee tickets. But totally satisfied as a serious carnivore with a vegan lunch.
Gramercy Tavern this was a last minute late reservation. We had confirmed at Awadh and they called early evening to cancel us! Asked if we would come early but the point was after theater dining Anyhow the Holiday festivities were in full swing at GT which thanks to Opentable welcomed us at 10:30. We had 2 course and i started with fall salad of kale, squash and pumpkin seeds. Great flavor but awfully chewy...sometimes salads just hit me that way. Then had chicken and sausage which was a perfect portion for the hour we were dining. And great favors. Number 2 on my hit parade of chicken preps over the weekend. Impeccable service. Friendly but polished anticipating our needs but not hovering.
Piora. This turned out to be a big disappointment. Nice room garden view lovely. Server starts with pretension. Just the intro and his " and have we dined with us before" soured me and is just plain silly. Followed by a lot of " have we made choices" and more "we" so that I began to think he was going to pull up a chair. Started with market vegetables which I loved. Very fresh and dressed perfectly. Then ordered ( wait wait don't tell me ) chicken. About which I remember nothing. The annoyance began initially when we ordered a bottle of wine. Our server disappeared. And I mean disappeared until we were nearly done with appetizers. Had to flag another server down to ask about wine. Our server finally returned to advise he couldn't locate our choice. It wasn't like we wanted to marry the bottle and would gladly have made a substitute choice so we could enjoy with apps and not have a full bottle for the mains. He seemed annoyed that I was annoyed and I think we just agreed not to like each other at all. WE didn't get along. Food not that memorable for me or husband so likely not to return.
Carbone. Lunch was great fun. Loved the shtick as they can pull it off in contrast to a joint like Scadela Felini which I found to be a cartoon and just bad food. With a combo of Holiday songs and Frank Sinatra playing somewhat loudly in the background and my waiter successfully crooning along I enjoyed the best sidecar no rim of the trip. And I enjoyed them everywhere we ate that had a full bar. It was delicious , husband arrived a bit late but I was made to feel totally welcomed and relaxed. The antipasto with warm mozzarella was a very nice surprise. I started with the baked clams. Oh my. 9 sweet things with 3 preps. Casino, oreganata ( ?sp) and something just a bit too fishy for me with roe. Nevertheless they disappeared. Then the rigatoni with vodka sauce. A friend told me she moaned when she ate that and happily so did I. It was marvelous and I would go back again and again just for that rigatoni.
Batard. Long awaited and worth the wait. Lovely room. Excellent service. Allowed us to dine in quite a leisurely fashion. Haven't been there since it was Montrachet which I loved and this to me is a wonderful reincarnation. Started with cauliflower soup with charred onion and thyme. Some of my favorite food groups. Fantastic. Moved on to veal tenderloin medium rare wrapped in pastry with a perfect deep veal sauce. Totally satisfied. Our only misstep was ordering a 2010 Gevry Chambertin that was pricey ( 140ish). It had no Nose. It had no taste . It was an empty suit of a bottle. Tried to have discussion with sommelier not to refuse it as there was nothing wrong, just nothing going on. He seemed uncomfortable so I dropped what was just intended to be a discussion about how sometimes you just can't tell a wine by its label. Anyhow will surely be on the repeat list.
I've saved the best for last. The most enjoyable NYC meal in a very long time with many heavy weight contenders, was to be had at The Simone. Everything just clicked. The room was lovely. Tina's welcome warm and genuine. The service made us feel very special. And oh the food! I started with the twice baked goat cheese soufflé served with a small perfectly dressed side salad. Rich rich and wonderful. I followed with the roast chicken crisp skin with rich sauce served over a fricassee of mushrooms , touch of pancetta and it was heaven. Chocolate pot du creme shared for dessert. I was transported to Paris during this meal. It is a must go back for us. We were reminded of how we use to feel about Cello on UES.
Note that we had a decent to really good bottle of wine with every meal (50-140 range). Husband had salad starter and fish main without fail. We know who the heart healthy one Is and his favorite dish was the octopus pastrami at Batard.
One last ugh...for logistical reasons we had a light lunch bite at the lounge of Asiate Columbus Circle prior to returning to the airport on Tuesday. Vile...chicken club was a dried out hockey puck of hard long ago cooked chicken sitting on soggy toast with a sadly drooped piece of lettuce and a pink tomato. Would have planned better and gone to Red Farm.
Well that's it. Can't wait til February theater weekend ...thanks for all the suggestions.

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Capeannetoo in Manhattan

Tasting menu

Yes been twice. Can't remember exact dishes but felt creative and excellent value. Quiet room. Good cocktail. Great service and I recall some bites were surprises. Looked like this but were really something else. X vs y. Good choice in my opinion. Would gladly return.

Nov 16, 2014
Capeannetoo in Manhattan

thanksgiving turkey

Savenor's organic free range yada yada . Raised in Lancaster MA 18-20 lbs for 5 adults 2 kids. $5.18 a lb. delicious. Always. Leftovers even better!

Long weekend Dec 12-16. Reserved.

Thanks so much. Sounds like we will swap out Toume. Husband thinking Asian or pure vegetarian ..or maybe we will try to get into the Red Farm duck place ( obviously we aren't vegetarians). Apologize for not being clear on first post. We are looking for somewhere new , without $ or travel restrictions. We love all food he more than me fish. Me more than he Italian. So we tend to do American new and traditional and French Most memorable NYC meal EMP x 6 or 7. Modern dining room about as often. For some reason we weren't crazed by Babbo JG or Per Se. Love Juni. Will dig more. Thanks.

Nov 15, 2014
Capeannetoo in Manhattan

Long weekend Dec 12-16. Reserved.

Critique please as we have not been to any of these options. Thank you.

Nov 15, 2014
Capeannetoo in Manhattan

Long weekend Dec 12-16. Reserved.

Friday Simone
Saturday Toume
Sunday Piora
Monday Batard.
Theater tix are matinees. So minimal lunch. 2 people. No $ restrictions. No travel restrictions. Have been to usual suspects from Uncle Boons to EMP via Jean George , NoMad Juni and Modern. These are 4 new adventures for us. Thoughts? Tx.

Nov 15, 2014
Capeannetoo in Manhattan

Bay scallops

The Fishmonger next to Formaggio on Huron had them yesterday. Sign in window said $40 a lb.

Sweet Jesus: Whole Foods No Longer Getting Brillat-Savarin Due to FDA?!

It will come out next week as Brillat-Savarin 365.

Aug 28, 2014
Capeannetoo in Cheese

Any news about where the Rendezvous staff have ended up?

Scott planned to travel to France and work in a vineyard through harvest. He's just a great guy and we miss them all....Rendezvous, Hamersleys and no word re Salts reopening...sad state of affairs for us missing longtime favorites

Need rec near Park Plaza Hotel ASAP

They could try the bar menu at Erbaluce...really good.

Do you like or dislike the new format ?

Gave me a headache. Fun should not be this hard. Bye.

Native Corn

Lattof Farm Stand RTE 127 Rockport. Their corn 65 cents a piece. Developed cobs , good sized kernels, sweet and toothsome..and this is just the beginning ! Got 6 all perfect.

Catering on Cape Ann and vicinity

Also give thought to Willowrest on rte 127 on way to Annisquam. Melissa the owner is terrific.

Ne plus ultra of onion soup?

I too am onion soup obsessed and quite by accident had an excellent thyme infused bowl at le Relais Madeleine on
Rue du Chevalier de Saint-George. We ducked to a table to avoid rain and decided on a light bite for lunch. My soup full of carmelized onions with just the right amount of cheese was wonderful. My husbands salad not so much . Not a destination but if you are in the neighborhood .....

May 28, 2014
Capeannetoo in France

L'Ami Louis vs Chez Denise.

It was on topic in this formerly 2
restaurant related thread. And exactly why infrequent posters like me are infrequent. Rather than a commentary about the review there is criticism for an abbreviation, not unlike JT KGB CH FR.

L'Ami Louis vs Chez Denise.

My review of LAL was intended to be part of my larger review of our ( current) trip to Paris but timely thread so here goes. We went because we had never been, read the contentious reviews, weren't afraid and love a good roast chicken. Arrived exactly on time this past Saturday for 9pm table wearing no jackets to be thrown. Seated in front room at generous 2 top. Wanted to go light on entre prior to legendary chicken. Not so light on wine ( aka Jeremy). Ordered half bottle Mersault which was lovely paired with the generous plate of jambon which we shared. It was more thickly sliced than I've seen since Barcelona which was a good thing and was fine. Did love the grilled bread. Butter not so much. Basic stick of unsalted. While awaiting our chicken ordered a 128€ bottle of Vosne Romanee. As it was being delivered to us an obviously well known , large group entered the room to be sat at the table to the left of the door. Much kissing , chatter and good old times shared. Our bottle of wine was delivered to the table , opened and unceremoniously plonked on the table with no pour, no taste and no way to get waiters attention. That likely colored my ensuing impressions but the chicken ( delivered by another waiter) was nothing to write the farm about, overcooked yet still managed to be greasy and skin in no way crispy. Frites were horribly tasting of old fry oil. I have said here before that I never met a potato I didn't like. That sadly has changed. We gladly pour our own wine anywhere but I presume for a 128€ bottle or for a 20 € bottle for that matter, someone will pour a sip for me to taste to be sure it's not corked. I poured , tasted, pronounced delicious and drank the whole thing in lieu of finishing that bird. Sorry DCM I really wanted to love it but will never return. IMO high price,low quality , old oil and careless ( not churlish) service. Once ....just once, off of my bucket list.

May 13, 2014
Capeannetoo in France

4 days in Paris in the 16th and around

Pti do you have any thoughts on Petite Pergolese ? We went many years ago before it was ...well Petite ..and really enjoyed it for an elegant meal. TY.

May 02, 2014
Capeannetoo in France

Dinner at Pastoral Tonight

We went week one and it wasn't very good. Pizza soggy , service amateur and sauce on pasta was like water. I was going to leave it alone for a couple of months and chalked it up to newness. But with Row 34 and Sportello a spit away it may be awhile before we return

Say "au revoir" to Rendezvous

Not Polaroid alum. Just hungry Bostonian who will travel for great food!

Say "au revoir" to Rendezvous

Salts has morphed from Panache to 798 Main to Anago Bistro and finally Salts. We have dined there in every iteration ( age has it's privilege) and if I recall correctly it has been a husband and wife team since 798 Main. Sadly Salts remains closed post water pipe burst. Let's hope they recover. We will sorely miss Steve. When he was Chef at BR we ate there once a week at least and now visit Rendezvous once or twice a month. Can't tell you how many Steve roasted chickens I have consumed. Suspect Scott will have no trouble landing a new bar position. He's terrific. Sad development for us but congratulations to Steve for job very well done.

May weekend in Paris - researched.

Thanks John.

Apr 05, 2014
Capeannetoo in France

May weekend in Paris - researched.

Redo as Caius closed Fri thru Mon the weekend we are visiting.
Now all reserved :
Fri 9pm Les Enfants Rouge
Sat 1pm Les Climats ( terrace requested)
Sat 9pm Passage 53
Sun 8:30pm Les Tablettes JLM
Do I have a decent mix of edge / tradition? Somehow I think I , the traditionalist, am being edged out.

Apr 04, 2014
Capeannetoo in France

May weekend in Paris - researched.

Thanks everyone. We have asked our concierge to try for Caius Friday and to choose for us for our late Saturday meal. I understand that Le Jardin Gourmand is an excellent Restaurant in Auxerre. If our friend is well enough we may try to take her for lunch. Any experience there?

Mar 31, 2014
Capeannetoo in France

May weekend in Paris - researched.

I haven't posted on this board for awhile but read it religiously. We are finally getting back to Paris for a weekend after a 2 year drought. Staying in the 8th, distance to travel for food and price not issues. Husband is a fish guy and edgy side of the menu. I am more traditional and prefer meats. We have previously enjoyed among others CLAJ, Maceo, Hiramatsu, Guy Savoy, Dominique Bouchet, L'Arome , Willi's, Le Verre Vole , everything Constant ,Hated ETC ( don't know if it still exists , was vile ) and Apicus ( a really bad night) We would like to explore new choices and unfortunately don't have a lot of time to do so.
Parameters are :
Reservations taken
Terrace dining would be lovely as we don't get to Paris often in the spring
Modern or traditional French preferred tho exception made for remarkable Asian
No price limit but likely one star if any star max for meals needed
Prefer more quiet atmosphere and not rowdy
Don't really care what language anyone speaks as long as they expect great food
Schedule this far:
Arrival Friday and need reservation around 9pm have had Terroir Parisien , Cauis and Pramil on my radar. No idea why but they caught my eye. Think of them as Au Bon Accuiel back in the day when it was special. That's what we are looking for.
Saturday have decided on terrace lunch at Les Climats. Need rec for good wine bar with food for light meal around 9pm Saturday.
Sunday traveling to Auxerre during day to visit ailing friend and have reserved Les Tablettes JLM for a final and most elegant dinner.
Monday back to Boston
So it boils down to a special bistrot Friday night and a great wine bar Saturday night
Appreciate your advice in advance. Thank you.

Mar 30, 2014
Capeannetoo in France

The forever LHR question

Hedone appears to be closed on Monday. Did grab table for 1 at River cafe at 7 pm. Will take my time! have a cup of tea at Pancras and thanks for the ideas.

Mar 17, 2014
Capeannetoo in U.K./Ireland

The forever LHR question

Spending 3 nights in LDN on biz. Meals no problem. Meeting Husband in Paris for weekend ( we go often and will figure it out). He flies directly from CDG to BOS on Monday morning while I Chunnel back to fly from LHR early Tuesday...My train schedule isn't the best leaving Paris at 3 from Gare Nord and arriving Pancras at about 430. I could do an early lunch at Chez Casimir in Paris or would prefer an early dinner btw Pancras and LHR as I am staying last night at Sofitel LHR. I will have one bag ( not carry on). Price no concern I am thinking early dinner at River Cafe ( taxi to taxi). But would like a lovely last dinner...and bar dining is fine. Would prefer not to go to hotel and then out again unless it's really worth the effort and I have searched and see nothing close to LHR worth effort. Please prove me wrong .... favorites in past are Trinity in Clapham, Ledbury( won't take online reservation for one) and Bull and Last...isn't that the spectrum.. I would do 530-6pm reservation. And gladly stay in LDN to do that as long as on route to LHR. Thanks for thoughts.

Mar 16, 2014
Capeannetoo in U.K./Ireland

Per Se: Wonderful, but no longer magical

I purposely waited a couple of weeks after our lunch to see what indeed stood out in my memory. I was a Per Se virgin though have been to TFL. It was our anniversary which I seldom confess in making a reservation fearing candles songs and total mortification. The sweet accommodation to the event was a lovely personalized congratulations printed on our menus. I decided on the 5 course vegetable menu while H thought he ordered the 5 course omnivore but some confusion arose and he got the full tasting ( which resulted in an extra course of a savory panna cotta for me) of course the signature gougeres and cornets ( mine was avocado filled) were wonderful. My first course of borscht was fantastic. And we ordered the tagliatelle with shaved truffles which is my most vivid memory ( not just because of the price tag either) and the memory still makes me smile. 2 full shavings of truffles! Serving the agnolotti on my menu after this course was a mistake as it really seemed like a skydive from pasta heaven. In retrospect we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the impeccable service ( minus the # of courses confusion). Desserts were memorable by way of sheer volume if not construction We had consumed way too much rich food to really enjoy the chocolates. Since we were on foot/ train we lingered over 2 full bottles of burgundy. Would I go back. Absolutely and I do rate it far above JG, Bouley Daniel etc but below several special meals we have enjoyed in Paris. The truffle pasta was magic and indeed we paid for the magic. But what are anniversaries for?

Mar 15, 2014
Capeannetoo in Manhattan

Question about erbaluce

Entree land. Always multiple pasta preps ( from simple to some fairly esoteric preps) Usually 2 or 3 fish, tautog , bass etc). Almost always a delicious Bavette steak , the wild boar which is a signature dish and other meats from rabbit to venison. Seldom a bird ( which disappoints me). The chef is very accommodating and has always responded positively to us re alterations in prep ( no garlic or hold the cheese please). We go often ( every 2 weeks or so) and I suggest you peek at the bar menu while there. Meatballs are to die for ( though boar! ). Pizzetta too. Wine beer cordials only.

Update to review of weekend

http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/966690. Scalini Fedeli. Just don't go. No way. No how. Cartoon with really bad food. Per Se tomorrow.

Mar 01, 2014
Capeannetoo in Manhattan

I just have to give a hounds howl! Per Se

First half of the report:
Juni : lovely almost zen room. Elegant non intrusive but readily available service. Started with sidecar for me perfectly made so you are not overpowered by any one element and can taste the booze not just the lemon ...glass of white for husb. I recall my plates and will leave it that he was totally pleased with his half of the meal. But can't do justice to describing his choices. I had
winter herbs – young carrots – almonds. Not at all what I expected and was a sweet and savory mousse like, very generous starter with small pieces of lovely carrot. I enjoyed every bite.despite its generous portion it was extremely light. Next was trumpet royale – chicken skin – mustard greens. I am a sucker for chicken skin and sorta wished there had been a bit more of that and a little less mushrooms. More modest portion but very well done. But what was there was delicious and not high on the salt scale. Then the white beans – beef cheek – torpedo shallots – chickweed. I can honestly say the beef cheeks were perfectly cooked and the only other part of this course I truly remember is a little pot of potato purée that I wished was a toureen. They were reminiscent of Robuchon and I don't know if they were intended for me or to accompany my husbands Kingfish ( there was no mention of potato purée on the menu) bit it didn't matter. I ate them all. Finally chocolate – banana – rye....lovely dense chocolate but took til the end ( last bite) to taste the banana. Oh the amuses of beet with goat cheese , potato rolled in truffle and that amazing little roll of something or another were wonderful as were the mignardaise post dessert. We shared a reasonably priced 2009 Santeney. Would go back in a heartbeat. Felt special.
Today lunch at Red Farm uptown. Started with cold peanut noodles and chicken. My favorite dish of the meal. Then a composed salad of grilled vegetables and greens. Lots of eggplant greens strawberries apples and some asparagus sitting on a bed of eggplant purée. My least favorite. Then a special of mushroom omelette with Bar BQ duck Another not at all what I expected. From the bottom up it was a bed of gently cooked rice with a large runny yolked egg topped by scallion and corn with crisp skin duck breast as the very top layer. Put them all together and BAM what a great dish. We arrived at 11:15. Immediately seated in a booth. Very good and friendly service and they serve a Bloody Mary at lunch that will clear your head of congestion, hangover or likely if not careful brain. Off to Scalini Fedeli late this evening. I love New York. ( and KD Lang was the Bomb!).

Mar 01, 2014
Capeannetoo in Manhattan