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Russian (or other E.European) Bistros, Cafes, Restraunts Edmonton?

I'm sure they're out there (especially with the hockey here and all) but I don't know of any personally, and as a Russian Major I would love to find a couple if they're out there to experience the culture and maybe practise the language :)

Anything from a full fledged dine in restraunt, or a quick cup of Чай would be awesome!


Nov 20, 2012
pensgurl5 in Prairie Provinces

Champagne Breakfast in Edmonton?

Does such a thing exist outide of the Hotel McDonald? My birthday is coming up, and I'm not a club/bar person at all, so I figured this could be something that I can tolerate, and my friends could drink too.
Have you found any hidden gems in the Edmonton area for a nice more upscale breakfast or brunch?

All the best!

Mar 25, 2012
pensgurl5 in Prairie Provinces