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Brunch at Emma's Ale House: thumbs up

Brunch is great; get a bloody mary, order the hash, perfect.

Decent food in Southwest Yonkers?

Giulio's on Park Hill Avenue is great, but here is a suggestion. call ahead, make a reservation, and ask if they can make you the stuffed pork chop. excellent. an insider order that you will return to and order again and again.

White Plains

Emma's is great. Get the bloody mary to start and snack on the warm pretzel & mustard, order the filet sandwich, switch to the cab or merlot, relax, and have a great night.

Westchester County: Where to go for the best corned beef sandwich lunch on St Patty's, south of 287

Emma's in White Plains.

stone manor hawthorne

had lunch there friday. very, very good.

reuben [westchester]

Dunn's Pub. Really good.

Where's the best Prime Rib in Lower Westchester?

glenrowan, use to be Tara's, Thursday till sat.

Best Mexican Food in Westchester?

Vega, Hartsdale. Rocks.

Westchester Burger

Westchester Burger

Brazen Fox in WP's. Great burger, Pat La Frieda beef. The best around. Juicy, well seasoned, great. A bloody Mary on Sunday with one of these cheeseburgers makes the approach of Monday bearable. Else, Emma's for Brunch. Best corn beef hash EVER.

Emma's great, Aberdeen not White Plains

The bloody mary, the corn beef hash and eggs = the best brunch in westchester. have you had their warm pretzels? fantastic. the "strip" in wp's is not worth it, hit emma's for brunch. my wife and i have been all over westchester, and their fare is simply the best.

Jakes Wayback Burger

Wayback is great. hands down best quick stop burger in westchester.

Jakes Wayback Burger

Anyone try Jake's Wayback Burger in Hartsdale? Wife and I have tried 5 Guys, Cheeseburger Cheesebuger, Westchester Burger and we really think jake's is the best new burger joint in Westchester.

It is next to the Verizon store on Central Ave. Try the double or triple with cheese. Great taste. Let's see what hounds think.