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need hip, trendy, delicious resto recommendations please

Yes. In the big cities in the US the service industry insiders are considered to be the bartenders, chefs, and waitstaff are often the best to go to for recommendations. They have friends who work at other establishments and this often gives them a unique perspective on the different restaurants. They certainly know if the food is top quality and the kitchen is clean. As a former restaurant manager, one qualification for our staff was that they were "in-the-know" about the local eateries and bars. We often arranged for trades to allow them to dine at other well known restaurants to facilitate par tof their training. We often expect our servers and bartenders to be better educated in food and bev than the paying customer.
Afterall, they are the salesperson and the ambassador to the kitchen.

Again, no offense was meant by any of my feedback. I did think that this site was one of honest "no-hype" reviews and information sharing. We had a great time and immensely enjoyed your recommendations. I was merely sharing anecdotes about our experience as I thought was encouraged by Chowhound.

Apr 03, 2012
daniz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

need hip, trendy, delicious resto recommendations please

Thanks for all of your recommendations. We really loved Bestellen. It was a terrific meal and having eaten at some of the finest steakhouses in North America, I have to say that the strip steak was one of the best I've ever had. Atmosphere was great and service was solid but the waiter did struggle to make after dinner drink spot recommendations for us and we ended up getting lost in the cab trying to head to his recommendation of Cocktail Bar?!? Luckily, I remembered barchef and we redirected the cab there. The cocktails all kind of tasted the same, but the "show" and the service made up for that. I ended up going "off the menu" and had the best Mint Julep I've ever had. It was fun atmosphere, too and the best door guy ever, Tony, kept us entertained and made some great drinks and dancing recommendations.

Also visited the lounge at The Drake on Sunday night and played a super fun game of Plingo! It was a fun surprise and we ended up keeping the night rolling by taking in some live entertainment at The Dakota--a great recommendation from the staff at The Drake.

Origin was mediocre at best. The concept just seemed a little "tired" and the flavors really weren't there. Worst "deviled" eggs I've ever had and I couldn't get past the fact that the floor was not swept under the table next to me even at first seating. The service was efficient if not a bit austere. Wouldn't return--it just wasn't "fun" and the food was average. It all sort of tasted the same, overspiced, or bland. Could have been an off night, I suppose.

Nonetheless we had a great time on our trip and I thank you all for your recommendations!

Apr 02, 2012
daniz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

need hip, trendy, delicious resto recommendations please

Thanks, all! Have Bestellen for Saturday night and Origin for Sunday night reserved. Now, just one more favor:

1. Any cool imbibing spots for 30 somethings for a Saturday and Sunday night?

Mar 26, 2012
daniz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

need hip, trendy, delicious resto recommendations please

Can anyone recommend dining options for me and my husband on a Saturday and Sunday night in TORONTO? We will be in town for a quick anniversary getaway and are looking for some hip, trendy options. Cuisine genre is open. We love it all. Atmosphere- love a busy, loud, sexy vibe and definitely love great food.

Price doesn't matter, but prefer a downtown NY crowd over an uptown NY crowd any day. We are in our early 30s and also love a few cocktails, too!


Mar 22, 2012
daniz in Ontario (inc. Toronto)