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LA Weekly "12 Best Diners in Los Angeles"

Dec 11, 2013
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

ISO Rekorderlig Cider -- where to buy in LA?

If anyone is interested Rekorderlig Hard Cider US Distribution has begun. So far only NY/NJ and now FL. No word of LA Launch plans yet.

Nov 24, 2013
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Old School Italian in LA

Frankie's Italian Kitchen - Tarzana

Very popular place with the "alta cockas"* of the south mid-valley.

*Yiddish for old man (or women



Fabs Sherman Oaks - although their menu has be "modernized" over the years.

Jul 10, 2013
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

The Spice Table: Closing? Moving?

Yes, the building is being torn down to serve as the underground Little Tokyo station (replacing the one diagonally across the street) for the new Metro Regional Connector (Underground) that will connect the Blue/Expo line at 7th and Metro with the Gold Line at this location.

Jury Duty - Temple & Bway

Most courts staff eat here on a regular basis. They specialize in old school big hot Italian sandwiches (not for vegetarians):

Eastside Market
1013 Alpine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mar 25, 2013
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Streit's matzo meal in SGV area

Try Gelsons in the Paseo. I can't speak for the Pasadena location but all the Gelsons in LA and the SFV carry the most kosher products outside of a Kosher Market I have ever seen.

Nov 29, 2012
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Koreatown/Mid Wilshire recs not necessarily Korean!

Also a new Trader Joes opens soon on 3rd and Fairfax across Fairfax from the Original Farmers Market and diagonally across from the Whole Foods with the nightmare parking lot.

Mar 06, 2012
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Dinner in or near Mission Hills?

Previous thread of Safari Room (not too positive):

Quite frankly as the area has limited options for quality food anyway, I'd go with The Odyssey Restaurant, (at least you get the view and it is not in a Strip Mall) which is primarily an event venue which is typical of The Specialty Restaurant Group properties. They run the Odyssey.

Feb 13, 2012
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Dinner in or near Mission Hills?

Not much in Mission Hills except freeways. cemeteries, tract homes and strip malls. Granada Hills just to the west has a bit more restaurants but still limited.

This thread should help a bit:

Feb 13, 2012
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

2 nights in LA

Come on Angelenos, excellent public transit exists in LA! The OP can hop on the Metro Line 16 which runs on West 3rd Street every 8-20 until after midnight to reach Son of a Gun. Also Metro Line 217 runs north/south on Fairfax (All the way to Hollywood going north, runs 24 hours) to reach the restaurants north of Beverly and beyond!

Jan 13, 2012
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Need good restaurant recommendation in Sylmar 91342

You should look at The Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills. It's run by the Specialty Restaurant group that owns several "theme" restaurants and "event venues" in California and across the US.

It's no "foodie" destination but it is very close to Sylmar in Granada Hills. I never been to this venue but I have eaten at other Specialty Restaurants. The food is serviceable and it seems to meet your requirements overall.

BTW, The "theme" at this site is a view or the San Fernando Valley from the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountains.

Jan 07, 2012
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Help please - looking for a venue in Hollywood

You might also consider Yamashiro Restaurant. It's not walking distance but very close and they would coordinate shuttles for you though the "Dine and Ride" service as part of the "package". The wide angle views of the LA basin are beyond fantastic and would get noticed by your guests big-time! Nothing in the flats below can compare for the "view effect" on the guests.

Jan 03, 2012
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Help please - looking for a venue in Hollywood

How about the the historic Musso and Franks Grill? They say they can accommodate parties up to 300. It is two blocks away.

Jan 03, 2012
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Chipwich - is this available in LA???

According to the Itsit website they make a person called "Chips It" a sandwich of Chocolate Chip cookies and vanilla ice cream with no chocolate coating.

Its It is a Bay Area company (you can actually "will call" products at their Burlingame office in the Bay Area).

They list the following stores in Socal (all products may not be available at each store. It looks like the 626 number may be a local distributor).
Southern California:
AMCOM: (626) 330-3479
Food 4 Less
Smart & Final
Stater Brothers
Gelsons Market

Dec 12, 2011
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

good, affordable food in North Hollywood?

Nat's Early Bite is very good but I like EAT a bit better for breakfast and I believe it's closer to her motel.

11108 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Dec 05, 2011
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood Pies - FINALLY some decent Chicago Pizza in LA

According to the website they are planning on opening a Downtown pickup/delivery location as well.

Sep 23, 2011
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Help! I Need An Amazing Kosher and Kosher Style Caterer in Los Angles

Of course Brent's is "Kosher Style" . If the home that the event is in is Kosher you will probably need to find a Kosher Caterer. I don't know of any but there should be lots in the Encino area or at worst case in the Pico-Robinson area of Mid City. Of course, the food will probably be better from Brent's.

Sep 20, 2011
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Five Guys Burgers (Los Angeles) - New locations Planned?

Five Guys Northridge opens Mon 9/12.

Sep 10, 2011
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast/Lunch - West Hollywood

You might consider The Griddle Cafe, 7916 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90046
(On the corner of Sunset and Fairfax). Very LA/Hollywood atmosphere, can be very long wait on weekends and some people don't like the noisy hectic vibe but that's just part of the experience.

Aug 24, 2011
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

30 Scoops in 30 Days

I see LA Creamery is closed at Westfield Topanga. I don't think the enclosed mall locations work for their type of concept even the high end malls. These type of shops need to be in outdoor areas like Americana/The Groove or on located in street areas with foot traffic like Vermont/Los Feliz. Is the Westfield Sherman Oaks Fashion Square location closed as well?

Jul 28, 2011
mitchbart in Los Angeles Area

New job in downtown Oakland, looking for lunch places

And of course, the new Oakland "Whole Foods Market", (27th at Harrison) Its also a bit of walk also but the selection is amazing. Lots of market style prepared foods, dishes made order. Nice outside eating area (and inside as well). Lots of "grab and go" prepared foods for very quick service even at peak times.

Both New Oakland Trader Joe's Open October 27

I think, I'm still betting on Oct 27 for both stores.

Both New Oakland Trader Joe's Open October 27

I was told to me verbally by the "First Mate" of the College Avenue store at the Rockridge Street Fair on Sunday. She may have been incorrect about the Lakeshore store as it is much futher along than Rockridge and that date suprised me as well - for Lakeshore. I am skeptial about Oct 6, though based on the curent state of th site.

Both New Oakland Trader Joe's Open October 27

Both new long awaited Oakland Trader Joe's (Lakeshore and College Avenue, Rockridge) are opening October 27.

I doubt if the parking in the Lakeshore area will ever be the same, especially Saturday AM during the Grandlake Farmers Market.