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Leng's Thai - Astoria - Broadway

Was considering Benjamas tonight but decided to try Leng's based on these reviews. Definite success. Had the Crispy Duck with Soy Tamarind glaze. Really delicious. Just took a quick look at the dining room. The decor is nice, much better than most places in the area. Staff seemed very friendly. When I don't feel like heading all the way out to Sripraphai I'll be heading here. Give em a try.

Mar 22, 2008
bugle in Outer Boroughs

Burgers in Astoria

I'm seconding Sunswick at 35th and 35th. Have it with the waffle fries and one of the 25 beers. good food and very nice crowd.

Jan 11, 2008
bugle in Outer Boroughs

Finally have money for special dinner. Where to Go?

Hi All,

Me and my wife are huge food fans but very rarely have the money to do it up right. Within the next couple months though we may have $300 to $400 to spend on a night out at dinner. Not particularly interested in the steak house experience but we're open to anything else. Thought?


Jan 11, 2008
bugle in Manhattan

Arepas Cafe Long Island City

This is my first posting here. Just wanted to take a second to recommend a great little place I just tried out. Arepas Cafe on 36th ave. between 33rd and 34th st. Opened a day or two or ago. Never had Arepas before and now I think i'm addicted. They sell maybe ten varieties, pork, chicken, been and cheese, vegetables, etc. Their's are made with a satisfyingly dense bun that has a bit of a crunch and a nice corn flavor. I had the Carne Mechada so the bun was filled with very tender and flavorful beef with (I think) peppers and onions. Came with a creamy garlic and herb sauce. Delicious. Very nice owners. Good for takeout but maybe 5 or 6 small tables as well. The Arepas are usually between $5 and $6, but are $3 dollars today and tomorrow. A great addition to the neighborhood.

Sep 22, 2007
bugle in Outer Boroughs