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Northwestern Thai in SD?

On a recent trip to Portland, I went to Pok Pok again, and again I rekindled my love for Chiang-Mai-ish food, especially kaeng hung leh and larb - not the Issan-style larb, but rather the larb with the chinese-five-spice-ish-but-not-quite dry spice mix.

Sab e lee has wonderful food, but they seem to focus on Northeastern (Issan) rather than Northwestern. Can these dishes be found in San Diego?

Mar 06, 2015
nroot in San Diego

Places with ocean/bay views where you can study/use wifi

I love doing work where there is a great view to look up to. Often times I'll take a laptop down to a bench above La Jolla Cove or up to Cabrillo. However, there are no outlets or wifi to be had at park benches. So, anyone know of cafes/bars with great views AND wifi?

The only one I know of right now is the Living Room in La Jolla, where there are one or two tables that offer up a sliver of ocean view.

Mar 16, 2013
nroot in San Diego

Favorite (independent) coffee shop?

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in Bird Rock is the closest thing we have to BB/sightglass/ritual/etc down here.

Mar 16, 2013
nroot in San Diego

Favorite (independent) coffee shop?

Best Third-Wave coffee (super-light roasts, pourovers, etc.): Bird Rock Roasters. Coffee and Tea Collective is an upstart that's getting pretty good, and they're much more accessible if you're not in the La Jolla area.

Best espresso: Zumbar (especially if Nicole is behind the bar). Nothing else is remotely close.

Best place to bring a laptop: Calabria during the day, Lestats at night.

Best place to read: Bird Rock if the weather is nice. Coffee and Tea Collective has a great vibe going as well.

For coffee + (insert food): Calabria, hands down. Great pastries, incredible pizza in the evening.

- Bird Rock Roasters does a free cupping event most Friday mornings, but you have to reserve a spot in advance.
- Coffee and Tea Collective usually does a cupping or demo on Saturday afternoons.
- I've heard that Calabria might be doing cuppings on Sunday now, but I haven't gone (Bird Rock and C&TC are much more third-wavey roasts, and thus imo more fun to cup).

Feb 13, 2013
nroot in San Diego

Three low/mid-range lunches - narrow down my picks?

OK so I found out my friend is taking me to Appertivo at Adesso and Scopa in Healdsburg over the weekend, so for variety + taking everyone's suggestions into account I'm tempted to bias away from the Italian/European and go for:

Thursday: ???????
Friday: Zitouna
Monday: Mandalay or Lers Ros

Keeping in mind that Thursday is the day I'll be eating alone, what should I go for? How about Monday's call? I've never had Burmese - is it very different from Thai? How does Lers Ros compare to Pok Pok in Portland?

Oct 22, 2012
nroot in San Francisco Bay Area

Three low/mid-range lunches - narrow down my picks?

Neat, thanks, I've never tried Burmese before!

Oct 22, 2012
nroot in San Francisco Bay Area

Three low/mid-range lunches - narrow down my picks?

I will be dining alone on a Thursday, and with company on a Friday and Monday

Cafe Zitouna looks really good actually, so I'd like to lock that in for Friday, but their website indicates that they are temporarily closed - anyone know if they'll be open in a few weeks?

Oct 22, 2012
nroot in San Francisco Bay Area

Three low/mid-range lunches - narrow down my picks?

I'm going to be around for 3 lunches in the SF area - what's people's opinions from these? Any of them must eats? Should I avoid any? Are there any standouts I'm missing? I like all ethnic food, especially Thai and anything from the Mediterranean/Middle East. I'm not a fan of French or American food - and looking for something a little more adventurous than deli sandwich-style lunches.

Il Cane Rosso
Dosa on Fillmore
Lers Ros

Also, I'm meeting a friend for coffee at the Mint Plaza Blue Bottle one day. Any other similar places nearby?

Oct 22, 2012
nroot in San Francisco Bay Area

Fresh Tarragon Bunches: Where to get in SF?

In San Diego, Balboa International Market is the best.

But I meant that as a general tip - I'm sure that any big Persian market in SF is going to have Tarragon :)

Oct 22, 2012
nroot in San Francisco Bay Area

Fresh Tarragon Bunches: Where to get in SF?

I'm not from SF, but in San Diego there is abundant tarragon to be found at any Persian market - it is a big component of Sabzi (a Persian staple) so you'll almost always find some there.

Oct 21, 2012
nroot in San Francisco Bay Area

Authentic Iranian Gaz (nougat made with tree sap) in the US?

I've been scouring all the local Persian markets, and all the nougat I've found is made with corn syrup or the like. I'm still addicted to it, but I've read that true Gaz is made with angebin, a sweet tree resin, and I'd love to try the authentic stuff at least once.

Does anyone know of an online or Southern California source of Gaz made this way?

May 22, 2012
nroot in General Topics

San Diego - Great weather, but where is the outside dining?

The top patio at George's is best bet, I think.

On a related note, I used to do work a lot at Goldfish Point Cafe by the cove (awesome ocean views, it's the only reason they're in business from what I can tell), but now my laptop's battery doesn't last so I have to plug it in, and they have no power outlets.

There's one table at the Living Room with a decent view, but that's about all I've found. Anyone know a better place? I love working with an ocean view, it makes it feel a lot less like working :P

May 06, 2012
nroot in San Diego

Best ethnic restaurants in San Diego?

I'm trying to discover the best of (insert cuisine) within a30-40 minute drive of downtown San Diego. Here's a list of the places that are my current go-tos. I'm sure that some of my current list can be beaten - does anyone have better recommendations? I care about the quality and authenticity of the food more much more than atmosphere or anything else like that.

Greek: Cafe Athena
Moroccan: Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro
Persian: Darband Fifth Avenue Grill (Is there a Persian place with more stews/rice dishes rather than kabobs?)
Ethiopian: Muzita Abyssinian Bistro
Mexican: Super Cocina (I also like Mariscos German)
Thai: Amarin
Japanese (Ramen): Tajima (Santouka as well)
Japanese (Sushi): Sushi Ota
Italian (Pizza): Caffe Calabria
Italian (Other): ????? (Italy totally spoiled me, seriously is there good/authentic non-Neapolitan Italian food somewhere in SD?)
Chinese: ????? (Any good recommendations?)

Apr 12, 2012
nroot in San Diego

Three days in Chicago - lunches near the Palmer house


I'm going to be at a conference for three days in Chicago and am ready to explore all the great food I hear the city offers!

For dinner I am looking through lots of the existing threads (although any "must eat" suggestions for < $25 p.p. dinners would be welcome), but for lunch I was looking for some more specific suggestions:

The conference will be at the Palmer House, and the lunch breaks are around an hour each. I will not have a car, so I'll be on foot or using public transportation. What are three good places I could try for lunch that I wouldn't be rushed getting to/eating/getting back?

I'm looking for $15 or less for lunch, although I'd spend more one day if experiencing some place is a necessity. I'm from Southern California, so I'd steer away from Mexican only because I get it so often here, but I like almost all foods, especially ethic foods (Moroccan, Persian, and Thai in particular). Any suggestions?

Mar 21, 2012
nroot in Chicago Area