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Group Dinner - On Strip

Looking for recommendations for a group dinner, about 12 ppl. Preferably on the strip. Something with good food, not too pricey, and not an overly loud restaurant. Possible to find something good for $75-$100/person?

Mar 19, 2014
dstepansky in Las Vegas

Fiance's birthday dinner in SD

thanks all! great suggestions..i think im going to keep a running tally until i leave for SD :-) march 30
Cafe Chloe - 3
Cowboy Star - 1
Urban Solace - 1
Prepkitcen - 1

Mar 21, 2012
dstepansky in San Diego

Fiance's birthday dinner in SD

Hi all
We are staying at the W hotel on B Street...and i'm trying to find a place that isn't too far (willing to take a cab).
Just looking for a nice place with great food. Trying to stay away from the chains (oceanaire..etc)
Any suggestions where we can get a great birthday meal? (no sushi or indian)

Mar 20, 2012
dstepansky in San Diego