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Anything new around Boone and Banner Elk, NC?

Sugar Mountain Cafe in Banner Elk is a poor excuse for a cafe. The person taking orders did not know what he was doing and the Proprietor - the person doing the cooking - was rude and had a severe attitude problem. They asked me how I wanted my eggs - "poached" i requested only to be told they could not do poached. The meals for my daughter and I came on foam plates, the hash browns were raw, the coffee - for which they charged $3.50 and was supposed to be espresso - was crap. They forgot the fruit for the pancakes, the forgot the toast for the breakfast, they forgot the jelly, I had to get up and go fetch things four times but worst of all was the attitude of this person who was unprofessional, rude, he could not cook, he could not make an espresso and when I turned down the country and western music playing loudly with a speaker next to my ear - abused me. Avoid this poor excuse for "cafe" like the plague. I have had better breakfasts at the Waffle House.

May 04, 2012
MarkLewis in Southeast