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Summer Visit to New Orleans - Feedback Sought

I wanted to report back about our trip to New Orleans. I would have to admit that Mother's po' boys are much better than Mother's. The Surf and Turf po' boy was really outstanding. We ate a Drago's one night because we were out in the Kenner/Metarie area. The meal was very good. It would not compare with the better restaurants in the French Quarter, but it the oysters, other shellfish and desserts were all good. We had lunch at Mr. B's Bistro in the quarter and that was quite a treat. The Gumbo Ya-Ya is the best gumbo that I have had in New Orleans. It was a very good meal. Then we had dinner at Arnaud's and were simply blown away. Potatoes Soufle, Shrimp Arnaud, Black Drum Ponchatrain, Bread Pudding, and Cafe Brulot made for a wonderful evening. I have been to Commander's before (and was not disappointed) and a few other places in New Orleans, but Arnaud's will be one a place that we go back to next time. Thanks for those who helped with their suggestions.

Jun 23, 2012
rlhiv in New Orleans

Summer Visit to New Orleans - Feedback Sought

We are already committed for lunch on Friday. What are your favorites at Dante's Kitchen? Why Brigstens over Galatoires? Thanks for your thoughts.

Mar 21, 2012
rlhiv in New Orleans

Summer Visit to New Orleans - Feedback Sought

I am going to New Orleans this summer on business and bringing my junior high daughter with me. I would like to introduce her to New Orleans cuisine and culture in addition to my business plans. Any feedback on my choices or suggestions on my possibilities would be greatly appreciated.

Lunch - Parkway Bakery - I'm not trying to start a Po' Boy debate, but I want to take her for a Po' Boy and they seem to have one of the best.
Dinner - (Possibilities - Jacque-Imo's, Bourbon House or Dante's Kitchen). I want something that is good Creole cuisine, but not quite as expensive and formal (saving that for Friday)

Breakfast - Cafe du Monde - My wife has talked so much about beignets that there is no avoiding this.
Lunch - Mr. B's Bistro - (Open to other suggestions) I love gumbo and want try to theirs.
Dinner - We have to be out in Metarie that evening. My plan is Drago's.

Dinner - Possibilities are Arnaud's (My wife and I went there last year and had a wonderful meal - from Shrimp Remoulade to Cafe Brulot), Galatoires, Emeril's or Pelican Club. I want to take her to one elegant, formal dinner with all of the Creole classics. I'm open to other suggestions.

Lunch - We will stay out in Metarie before heading to the airport. Considering Galley Seafood or Bozo's.

Thanks for your help in advance. Will report back after our trip.

Mar 19, 2012
rlhiv in New Orleans