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Quest for an interesting Italian Restaurant

I ate at Primo e Secondo last year. One of the best Italian meals I've had outside of Italy (and better than some I've had there).

It isn't cheap, but considering it's market cuisine, sourced from the Jean Talon Market around the corner, you're getting primo ingredients. I can't speak to the consistency of the cooking, but it's always had the same chef-owner, Roberto, who lives upstairs, and whose family helps run the place. If that isn't old-school Italian, I don't know what is.

Quest for an interesting Italian Restaurant

That may well be so. I was just responding to the thread. My grandparents live near there. I'll have to check it out (if I can figure out where it is, given that it doesn't/didn't have any signage advertising itself.)

Quest for an interesting Italian Restaurant

Trattoria Senza Nome. There's an old review about this eccentric hidden gem in the Montreal Mirror: