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Catered Crepes for a Party?

The graduation party took place last week and was a great success. My friend was really pleased with La Belle Crepe and it all worked out great. They were able to adjust portion sizes [a slightly smaller crepe] so that the line kept moving and no one had to wait too long. Everyone loved the idea and it went great. She would definitely work with them again.

Thank you for all the ideas and posts!

Catered Crepes for a Party?

Thank you for the ideas - my friend is going to pursue catering through La Belle Crepe - the prices seem reasonable for the event [HS graduation open house] and so far they have been extremely pleasant to deal with.

Catered Crepes for a Party?

Is anyone aware of a caterer or crepe chef for hire, someone who would be at an event and make crepes to order, preferably with a cool looking crepe stand? I am looking for someone to do just this for a graduation party in June.