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K/W area dining suggestion needed

I'd totally forgotten about Bhima's, it's been a long time since I've eaten there, but I do remember it was very good.

K/W area dining suggestion needed

Being a Montealer? What does that have to do with anything?

K/W area dining suggestion needed

I'll second Verses as well. Been there twice, and liked it both times.


Unpretentious? Really? We just ate there and their classic french onion soup was called "caramelized onion broth with croutons and Gruyère" or some such drivel. I ordered it anyway, and it was literally a bowl full of croutons with the broth poured over it. I tasted good enough, but way too much bread and not enough soup.

My wife had the Caesar, which she said was quite good, but she had the un-remarkable crab cakes and I had the braised short rib, which was braised at too high a heat so it was dryish, and tasteless.

I wouldn't bother going back, service was pretty mediocre as well.