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Via313 for Detroit Style Pizza

I am from Detroit, and have been to Via313 several times, and talked to the owners. They too are from Detroit and are trying to duplicate the pizza they learned to love there. I think their target pizza is Buddy's Pizza (my favorite pizza in the country), although they also mentioned the Cloverleaf Pizza (one location, in St. Clair Shores). I think Via313 produces an outstanding pizza; well worth the effort to find the trailer. I find it easiest to order my pizza at the trailer, then go in next door at the Violet Crown social club, and order a beer. Via313 will bring the pizza to you at the Violet Crown when it's ready. I've searched for 30 years to find pizza as good as Buddy's, and this is as close as one can get.

Mar 18, 2012
no_clubs in Austin