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Passion Fruit: I'm obsessed

I too am loving passion fruit these days--I would DEFINITLY suggest the chocolate chip cake from Momofuku Milk Bar on East 13th. The cake has a layer of passion fruit curd in it. it is totally awesome.
I would also suggest the passion fruit macarons from Almondine in DUMBO, Brooklyn.
Also, Trader Joes makes a passion fruit -fruit leather, which is just ok, but contains real passion fruit seeds, so, at about 55 cents or so, it will satiate a fix.

Apr 08, 2009
jessica in Manhattan

Blender or food processor

I need to replace my current blender (it's leaking from the bottom of the pitcher) and was thinking of the pros and cons of blenders vs. food processors. Any thoughts on whether to stick with the blender or go for the processor?
I mostly use the blender now to puree things like pesto and soups.
I've never actually owned a food processor--would it do the same job as a blender?

Any recs for either machine?

Jun 25, 2008
jessica in Cookware


Planning a trip to Chicago for July (als and really have my sights set on Alinea--for those that have been:
1)how far in advance can you make reservations?
2) Are they accommodating to nut allergies? (not all, but some)
3) Average bill amount? Is there a wine pairing that you must partake in or do they offer wines by the glass?


May 07, 2008
jessica in Chicago Area

Anyone been to Prune lately?

I'm going on Saturday (haven't been in about 6 months) and am wondering if there is anything on the must try list? Last time I had the pork stew and it was great...

Mar 28, 2008
jessica in Manhattan

Drinks near Carnegie Hall

I have been asked to find a place near Carnegie Hall for an alumni gathering in April...I'm not sure how many people will be attending yet, but I think it will likely be around 30.

I need a place that will be quiet enough to talk and reconnect, but since the group will be from FL, something that is also NYC-ish. I also don't know the price range, but something a little more upscale than a pub is ok. I was thinking AVA Lounge...has anyone had any experience with this venue?


Feb 22, 2008
jessica in Manhattan

Champagne Truffles

Kee's on Thompson Street! (also great here: passion fruit chocolates in the shape of a heart)

Jan 30, 2007
jessica in Manhattan

Best food for Oscar party?

Any ideas for Oscar party food? I don't want to serve just appetizers! (We will be a group of 10 or so)

I don't want to make a baked pasta dish, it seems too typical.

At first, I was thinking a meatloaf, but then people said they didn't like meatloaf.

Then, I though of a taco/burrito bar, but that might get too labor intensive for my guests, although I am really leaning towards that because people can customize. Any ideas on how to pull this off if I decide to do that?


Jan 25, 2007
jessica in Home Cooking

Alternative to UES Saigon Grill

Miss Saigon on 2nd avenue!

Jan 18, 2007
jessica in Manhattan

Fage 2% vs. Fage Light

I am a fan of the 2% and have noticed some stores have been offering Fage Light-- its got 130 calories and 8 grams of fat. the 2% has 130 calories and 4 grams of fat. Besides the difference in fat content, has anyone tried it and noticed anything different (better or worse?).

Jan 12, 2007
jessica in General Topics

Panna Cotta question

does panna cotta always have to be made with cream? besides honoring the original name of the dessert "cooked cream" what is the reason it cannot be made into a lower-fat version, perhaps just with whole or 2% milk--I made some this weekend with full fat yogurt and heavy cream and while delicious, seemed a bit excessive.

Does anyone have some good variations for a lower fat panna cotta?

Jan 08, 2007
jessica in Home Cooking

Zephyr Grill -49th and 1st

I've been invited to a New Year's Day brunch/lunch here-- haven't found much info on this place in terms of its Chow-ness. When I've passed by it, it just looks like a regular neighborhood joint.

For those that have been there, are there things to avoid? Anything they do reaasonably well?


Dec 20, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Biscuits and Gravy

Alias on Clinton street does a good one, too.

Dec 08, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Curry Hill - Brief Update

I just had dinner at Curry Leaf over the weekend and hadn't noticed any decline. Slow with the water refills, buts thats the usual there. Maybe you would feel differently if you consumed the food there?

Dec 07, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Best Brunch for Parents?

I would second Five Points-- great food, and you can make a reservation.

Recently, we had a parental brunch at Smorgas Chef (where you can also make a res) in the West Village. They loved it!

I also enjoy Alias on Clinton St., if you are in the mood for grits, fried chicken, ect. Great bloody marys.

Nov 29, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

West 80's Cheap Eats Not to Be Missed

Barney Greengrass (well, ok, not super cheap, but in the West 80s and awesome)
Flor de Mayo

Nov 02, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

West Village - Great Place for Lunch

Blue Ribbon Bakery!

Nov 02, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Brunch Rec- East Village

Looking for a brunch rec. for this Sat in the East Village/Union Square area (party of 4, two of them are out-of-town parents)

We usally go to 5 Points since you can make a reservation, but am looking for a change.

We were thinking of going to Alias, but could anyone tell me if there is a huge wait there on Saturdays?

Any other recs? Prune and Clinton St. Bakery are out because of the insane waits. Reservations would be a plus!

Nov 02, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Can't get my chicken soup to gelatinize (Re-post from General Topics)

Reading the board this week, I came across a post regarding a person's chicken soup that has turned to jello in the fridge and how this was a good thing...Well, as much as I try, I CANNOT get this effect! This time, I used about 1.3 lbs of chicken "bones" (about 50 cents, literally, from the store) it has bones, some meat and skin on it.

I boiled this in water (not sure how much, I just eyeballed it- but it was about 1/2 way up the side of my 12 quart pot) with some carrots for about an hour. After, I took out the bones and put into the pot the rest of my veggies and a bone in skin on chicken breast (to get useable meat) for another 1.5-2 hours.

From the fridge, the soup was just liquid, and not close to jello-like.

What went wrong? Were more bones and longer cooking time needed? (The soup tasted fine, but I am still missing something in techniqure I think!)

Oct 30, 2006
jessica in Home Cooking

One Month Chowing Through NYC



Oct 26, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

What to eat with cottage cheese?

blueberries, c.c. and sour cream!

When I was in college, I also used to make cous cous and put some c.c. in it (I used those cous cous mixes with the flavor packets so it had a little more flavor.)

Oct 24, 2006
jessica in General Topics

Where to? Astor Place Lunch Hour

I work in the area, here is my list:

Atlas Cafe
Dosa Cart
Blue 9 Burger
Coffee Master (e. 4th street)
Nickys Vietnamese Sanwiches (bit of a walk)
Burritoville & Chipotle

There is always 6th street for Indian, and a bunch of places on St. Marks.

happy eating!

Oct 19, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Suggestions for a Hudson Valley birthday linner?

maybe something in Cold Spring (Putnam County)---Riverview perhaps? (it even has a river view!). Can remember the address offhand, but it is right off of Main Street.

Tomatillos at Union Sq greenmarket?

I saw them there this weekend, at the stand with all the hot peppers!

Sep 19, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Ground cherries in Manhattan?

you can find them at the Greenmarket in Union Square. I've seen them in at least two vendor's booths (can remember the names, but one is definitly the stand with all the hot peppers, for about $3/ pint). I believe they are also called "husk cherry tomatoes"...They are amazing!

Sep 11, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Kombucha Cultures--where to buy?

I believe Whole Foods (in Union Sq) has a bottled version/drink product. Is this what you are looking for?

Aug 07, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Widest variety/longest list of pasta/risotto?

what about Risotteria on Bleecker Street?

Aug 07, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Gourment/Specialty Jam?

if you are going by the farmers market at union square, I would reccomend jams from Beth's Farm. They are usually on the Union Square West Side and have a great selection (I like the raspybarb mayself!)

Aug 02, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

I Want To Wow My 14 Year Old Niece!

Serendipity is fun, but I don't think it's the right place for this dining adventure--the food, other than desserts, isn't exactly what I would call "eye-opening". It would be good for desserts after a long day of shopping, though! (near bloomies).

Jul 11, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

I Want To Wow My 14 Year Old Niece!

If you are going to be in SoHo, why not try Balthazar? It looks like the lunch menu can accomodate slighly pickier palates, but is still a New York-ish place.
Also, I would suggest Blue Ribbon Bakery in the West Village. Good food, and nice neighborhood to walk around in after.
lucky niece!

Jul 11, 2006
jessica in Manhattan

Turkish fine dining?

what about Pasha on the west side?

Jun 29, 2006
jessica in Manhattan