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Looking to rent a private home for a 100-150 people wedding. Northern New England.

I can think of two, though there are some caveats. This one: Allrose Farm Greenfield, NH has no water immediately nearby though there are lakes in Greenfield. They should have their zoning board issues ironed out by 2016 also.

And you could be married at a castle (gorgeous!) in Rindge, NH but the limit for a wedding is 22 guests. You could have a pre-wedding event there and then you could certainly get married at the Cathedral of the Pines also in Rindge. (The fee is $1500 / weekend wedding


Have fun planning! We were married in NH many years ago.

What's Going In Your Garden Now?

Wow! Thanks for the incredibly detailed reply! I *really* appreciate the time you took to type that all out.

Mar 30, 2013
veggiegardener in Gardening

What's Going In Your Garden Now?

Did you design the high tunnel yourself? Or order one pre-designed? How has it worked with the snow load? My partner's only interested in the engineering aspects of gardening (other than the eating) and has been looking at various cold frames / tunnels, etc. to supplant our very basic cold frame.

And in answer to the OP's question: snow. It's supposed to rain off and on and be relatively warm this coming week so I might move onto to mud. :)

Mar 29, 2013
veggiegardener in Gardening

New gardener in New England

Lots of good advice!

If anything, I might start with a couple of containers that when filled with a soil mix and water, you can still move around. And I'd start with small reasonably hardy type plants. If you're a foodie, maybe start with a couple of herbs: basil, thyme and sage, for instance. Or relatively quick greens: lettuce, spinach and swiss chard. That way you can figure out where the sun is each day, what critters (cats, birds, deer, etc.) might want to eat your garden and other aspects of your microclimate. Windy on one side of the house? Move the planter if necessary and so on. Maybe your thought is a space that has great sun in the spring but is pretty shaded by August as the sun angle lowers along with the fully leafed out trees.

Each space really does come with differences and taking the time to learn yours will pay off.

Mar 29, 2013
veggiegardener in Gardening

Cooking healthy on a college student's budget (short on $ and time!)

Omelets with various fillings of cheese, veggies, diced ham/bacon, etc. Or just plain cheese topped with salsa and some whole wheat toast along with it.

Different types of sandwiches - grilled cheese with tuna and/or slices of tomato; microwave bacon, tomato and lettuce; horseradish sauce, roast beef from the deli and mixed greens; hummus, tomato and sprouts, etc. Just tell your friend to use real whole grain bread, not extra-soft with a faint hint of whole grains.

Once it's cool: soup. Pretty much anything can go into soup: meatballs, noodles, rice, every vegetable under the sun, tofu, egg drizzles, seafood, etc. Soup is a great way of combining different foods to create wonderful, sustaining food. It encompasses everything from cheddar cheese soup to miso soup, meatball soup to clam chowder.

Beans. Indian style lentils. Pasta e fagoli. Chili in a slow cooker started in the morning. (Vegetarian chili was a staple in my tons-of-debt, first low pay job.) Hummus with veggies and pita bread.

Jul 19, 2012
veggiegardener in Home Cooking

where to buy local beef - nashua area

I can tell you that Sean Trombley from Milford brought a steer recently to Blood Farm in Groton because I'm getting half of it. If you're in the market for a quantity of beef, it's probably a good choice.

There are a lot of local beef producers listed in the Monadnock Table flyer.