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Scrambled eggs Chinese(?) style - is it wrong?

I like all kinds of scrambled eggs. Not just the kind cooked patiently over low heat although I love those too :). But whenever I see or look for scrambled eggs recipes they all go the same way: cook over low heat patiently. Don't get me wrong I love eggs cooked like this, but I also love eggs cooked over super high heat. It just felt like the entire food world was yelling at me with a megaphone that I was cooking my eggs wrong from the beginning.

When I first learned to make scrambled eggs I learned it this way:
Beat eggs and add salt and chopped green onions. Heat the oil until it is really hot and smoking (you can also test this by putting in a drop of the beaten egg; if the egg coagulates instantly than the oil is hot enough). Pour in the beaten eggs and stir quickly. The eggs are always done in less than 30 seconds. What's interesting about this method is the eggs instantly billow up and look kind of a like a cloud initially.

Does anyone else make their eggs this way over really high heat? Has any one tried both types of eggs and which do you like better?

Mar 14, 2012
karlin88 in Home Cooking