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Two new lunch options in Valhalla, NY

Sad news:

Just came back from Diache and was informed that I was their last patron, not just of the night, but ever. They may open a new restaurant in another location at some point in the future but I just had the last meal served there (an el chimi burger with tostones and it was amazing).

Folks, if you're ever complaining about why this county (Westchester) can't have delicious, reasonably-priced ethnic restaurants, this is your answer right here. Smack dab in the middle of the county, steps away from the Bronx River Parkway, I doubt the restaurant was more than 20 minutes away from 75% of the Westchesterites reading this. And they couldn't bring in enough traffic to keep up a 15 seat restaurant. I recognize that I didn't talk it up at all (although I'd say that I never talk anything up and probably average about one post a year on this site) but frankly I would think that a true chowHOUND would have sniffed this place out. Unfortunately I'm not sure how many of those are left...

The NY Times Blasts Food at City Limits in White Plains

Who goes to a diner and orders fish?

Here's a list of things that I'll trust a diner not to fuck up:

1. Breakfast
2. A burger
3. Salad (maybe)

Chinese food in Mt. Kisco/Bedford/Katonah

Temptation Tea House is probably the best right in Mt Kisco, although it can be a little pricey and they don't have the typical red & white 300-item menu (more of a pan-Asian, though they still have some of the standard offerings). David Chen's in Armonk is closer to traditional Chinese take-out, but still a notch better than most; a good option if they'll deliver to you.

Great new things at North!! [Armonk]

We weren't able to load the website on any computer, but apparently it wouldn't have made a difference. We made reservations for 1:30 on Saturday, so we knew they were open, but what we didn't know was that it was only a "brunch" menu which consisted entirely of breakfast, burgers/sandwiches, and a few pastas. Not that we were expecting haute cuisine, but given how much North makes of their farm-to-table philosophy I expected a little bit more to choose from than what I'd get from the Beehive. The burgers were delicious (and huge) but I'm not sure we would have gone there if we had known the menu in advance.

Best Sandwiches in westchester?

For whatever it's worth, when I asked the guys at the Thornwood location about the A&S that just opened in Mount Kisco, they swore up and down that they had nothing to do with them. I've never gotten food directly from the one in Mount Kisco, but I've had stuff catered by them and was not impressed. The location in Thornwood, on the other hand, is consistently solid - staff is friendly (never been upsold on anything), prepared foods are good, sandwiches use some Boars Head but are still good (I like Dante's better though). Their italian combo is as good as they get, although their best sandwiches are the paninis - they have a great roasted pork with broccoli rabe and steak pizzaiola. Unfortunately I don't think they do the paninis on the weekends...

New to Pleasantville / Thornwood - Recs please!

I'll have to give Pleasantville Pizzeria another shot, although I'm suspicious of pizzerias that serve gyros - it smacks of mission creep. To be clear on Lucio's, I'm not a huge fan of their plain pizzas, but their stuffed meat and eggplant parm slices are nice indulgences.

Never been to Bao's, but if you're willing to go that far, try Temptation Tea House in Mt Kisco. Technically it is Asian not Chinese, so they have a bunch of Thai, Japanese etc. dishes on the menu, but what Chinese stuff they have on the menu is pretty good, although quite a bit pricier than your standard takeout Chinese.

Sabatino's Coal Brick Oven (Hawthorne, NY)

I live about 5 minutes away, and I tried this place 3-4 times, never got the attraction. Pizzas I got were mediocre to downright lousy. I loved the late Totonno's in Yonkers and I think the Pepe's on Central Ave does a pretty close facsimile of the New Haven pizzerias, so I like to think I have a reasonable judgement on pizza.

I bet it was the slow death of the Saw Mill Multiplex across the street that did them in .

New to Pleasantville / Thornwood - Recs please!

Pony Express is good upscale fast food.

Jerry's pizza is awful, Lucio's is decent. A Mangiare also has good pizza in addition to their Italian dishes.

Sundance is good low end deli / Mexican food. Frank & Joe's is a passable Italian deli, A&S in Thornwood is the best in the area (I like Dante's in Hartsdale slightly better but in addition to being a trip to get there, they have a tiny food prep area so the lunchtime lines are a nightmare).

Bollywood Bistro is good Indian, but I tend to prefer Mughal Palace in Valhalla who will give you ~50% more food (of equivalent quality) for the same price.

Magic Wok - have tried it repeatedly, never got the attraction. I prefer Hunan Garden in Briarcliff for my low end Chinese, and if you want something slightly fancier, David Chen's in Armonk will deliver to Pleasantville.

Best Mexican in the area is Los Abuelos in Ossining, although it's pretty cramped inside. I've only done takeout. Don't waste your time with anything else in the area, unless what you really want is Tex-Mex.

McArthurs is... convenient. If you just want a burger, you're better off going to Squires in Briarcliff.

Jean Jacques's pastries look good but only taste passable. Your best option for pastries/cakes/cookies is La Tulipe in Mt Kisco. Jean Jacques's prepared foods are OK - the best thing about it is that they have takeout foods that you're not going to get anywhere else - if it's 9:30 at night and you want salmon en croute or beef bourguignon, they're the only game in town. What's frustrating is that the staff there seems to have been parachuted in only moments before you've arrived, with no time for training or any other sort of preparation. You could literally put anyone off the street, even a non-English speaker, behind the counter, and they would be as knowledgeable and efficient. For high end takeout, Good Food Briarcliff is fresher, superior stuff but with a smaller selection.