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Foodie in Montreal for 1st time .... PLEASE HELP !

I am visiting Montreal for the first time and would like to know what are " must trys" for a foodie like myself. I am not interested in the fine dining , white table cloth , uppity places.

I greatly enjoy ethnic eateries and hole in the walls. I love trying new foods from diffrent cultures and foods that are unique to Montreal .

I really want to make the best of this trip and not waste ANY meal.... what are the go to spots ???

I am coming from NYC ( so nothing I could easily find there)

ANY suggestions are greatly appreciated ! Can't wait to see your city !

May 12, 2012
mm530 in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Personal chef?

I know a great young lady who has great experience in some of Boston's finest restaurants... she is a local - New England native.. She is great and looking to be someone's personal chef. She is extremely versatile and a very friendly lady... let me know if you want her info...

Jul 06, 2011
mm530 in Greater Boston Area

New England foodie visiting Miami/Ft. Lauderdale .... where should I go ???

I am visiting So Fla very soon and am interested in trying out Miami's local cusine . I know in " Miami" this can mean an array of different foods. But I am open to anything. I am specifically looking for local and hole-in the-wall places. Places that Anthony Bourdain would go to . I know about Nobu , Joe's Stone Crab and places like this but I am again .... looking for "divey" places where food takes the center stage , not the decor or even ambiance .

So to all my Miami/Ft. Lauderdale foodies what are some of your favorite or " must- taste" places ??? I am open to anything and everything !

Joe's Stone Crab
11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Jun 15, 2011
mm530 in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

North Shore good eats for a foodie ??

I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for good eats in the general North Shore area ??

No specific criteria ... ( I'm easy ) ...

I usually don't like places with white table clothes... just places with good food that are worth a visit .

Any suggestions ??

May 28, 2011
mm530 in Greater Boston Area

Oahu Dive Bars ??

I'm going to be in Oahu next week. I usually don't like hotel bars or "uppity" bars but prefer local , dive bars where locals hang out and aren't to fancy .

This post might be more for the locals of Oahu .... but I wanted to know which are some of the good , local dive bars. ???

Any and every response is appreciated !! Thanks :)

Jan 27, 2011
mm530 in Hawaii

Foodie's first time in Oahu

Great !! Thanks so much! @HNL

Jan 07, 2011
mm530 in Hawaii

Foodie's first time in Oahu

I am visiting Oahu for the first time next month.

I like to plan my days and journeys around places to eat .

I will be renting a car for part of my trip

I would like to eat like the locals do and prefer to skip any chain restaurants or things I might find in NY.... I am open to chains but there has to be something worth while.

I am into the good , greasy , gritty places that everyday people go to...

Any suggestions or areas ? Thanks for every and any tips !!

Jan 06, 2011
mm530 in Hawaii

Inexpensive waterfront dining?

Theres a great restaurant, Harborside Grille near Logan Airport. We were flying out and then our flight got changed . We didn't want to go home to return in just a few hours so we stayed @ Hyatt Harborside at Logan. We had breakfast in the Grille and it was amazing. They served us breakfast outside with the sunny weather it was great ! and there is such a great view of the boston skyline and its right on the Boston Harbor. The menu has many options and NOT BAD FOR HOTEL FOOD!! Me and my husband forgot we were in the airport ! It is a nice one... consider it.

Jul 22, 2008
mm530 in Greater Boston Area

New to Miami, need help finding a few things...

Irie Isle is on 163 rd st in north miami beach and it is a true gem !!. For about 6$ bucks and cheaper for lunch, you can get a generous serving of their famous Jerk Chicken with a side of peas and rice, boiled cabbage and a savory sauce. It is a truley amazaing ! I usually munch on a spicy Jamaican pattie while I wait. They have alot other specialties and jamaican items that will make you go back for more !

Sep 21, 2007
mm530 in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Pizza in Miami

In Coconut Grove there is a restaurant/lounge called Green Street Cafe which I found very good pizza on their menu and laid back , quiet , not-so-Sobe atmoshpere and great drinks too. This is a great place to go to on a pleasant day in a nice neighborhood.

Sep 21, 2007
mm530 in Miami - Fort Lauderdale