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Centre Street Deli Disappointment

The deli was recently sold - and suddenly went downhill

Disappointing meals at CSD on two recent visits

Smoked Meat sandwiches - poorly cut meat served on stale-ish rye bread

Over-dense kishka with pasty gravy lacked previously great texture, flave and mouth feel

Too bad

Anyone else visited lately?


Haymishe Bakery - Signs of life?

The store is still boarded up as the rebuild(?) drags on

Where can I buy a reasonable facsimile of their thin-sliced rye bread with seeds?

Thanks in advance


Is L&L Grill sauce still available??

check Pusateri's, Bruno's, McEwen, Nortown


Moe Pancers Deli is GONE

...but not forgotten


It was a hopping place back in the day at York Downs

Best pastrami and fricasee in 416

It was already slipping when they shuffled south

Sad to see

Another former great one one bites the dust


Black Cat Fish & Chips on Avenue Road - CLOSED on Nov 29 - after 49 years

Sad to see...after 49 years in the biz...all over but the shoutin'

How many GTA eateries have lasted almost half a century?

Sushi joints, mostly mediocre at best, now abound


Portuguese Chicken Shocker

Red Rooster

Portuguese Chicken Shocker

Bom dia fellow hounds.

I have enjoyed grilled chicken in many GTA joints over the years.

My recent experience at a 905 churrasquería begs to be shared with fellow grilled poultry lovers.

This particular restaurant has 2 locations - both have a dining room and take-away service.

Effective recently, piri piri hot sauce no longer appears on the dine-in tables and is available to diners at extra charge only.

Various sizes are available.

Take-away customers, for orders of any size, no longer receive a drop of the sauce with an order.

The server behind the counter happily explains that it's available at extra charge only.

Is this the thin edge of the wedge, the shape of things to come?

Will salt and ketchup meet similar fates?

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance


Farmer's Cream Cheese

Check Daiter's on Bathurst, just south of the 401


Bi Bim Bap or Owl of Minerva?

Bi Bim Bap on Eglinton is consistently very good

How does it compare to the Bi Bim Bap at Owl of Minerva on Major Mack?

Thanks in advance


Best liver and onions in Toronto?

With blatant disregard for the "nonburbs" qualifier, Steeles Deli deserves a nomination with excellent and unpretentious liver and onions.



ISO - Pecan Pie


I am looking for an old-fashioned classic: flaky crust, lotsa nuts, no chocolate or other distractions, not over sweetened, and moderately runny.

The whole pie, not slices

Back in the olden days, The Tulip on Queen had a beauty.


Thanks in advance


ISO - Nyon olives

Who sells Nyon olives in the GTA?

Thanks in advance



Kaput, ferme, closed

Despite many positive-to-rave reviews TramBUSTo

The Toronto Life article was gold (politics aside)

Go figure


Regal Palace - Moving to Yonge at Richmond Hill

Shut down, all gone

Heading to Ottawa

Don't miss the Golden Palace, for a taste of the world's BEST eggroll




Kelseys...what to order?

Is anyone eating dinner there?

Thanks in advance for suggesting your faves


The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

Has anyone tried the Chimichurri?

It hasn't appeared yet in 905

I still miss the good sun dried tomatoes from Italy

Costco cannot be selling much of the substituted inferior stuff
from California

Thanks in advance


McDonald's doing Chicken Wings

Something new for the deep fryer

**Mighty Wings**

What took so long?


Bad news for current wing players?


Aug 27, 2013
toronto guy in Chains

via Cibo @ York Mills / Leslie

Thanks for the review Juno

Their price point may work with the McEwens crowd and prove a wee bit ambitious for the hoi polloi



via Cibo @ York Mills / Leslie

Has anyone tried this place?

Getting lots of positive press, putting piadina on the map

Does the food lives up to the promise..sure looks molto bene


Thanks in advance


Vidalia Onions have returned!

The store signs often mislead when it comes to the provenance.

The sign says Vidalia but the onions don't bear an annoying sticky label or get sold in a bag of Georgia origin

Its a well-oiled onion scam

Out of season alternatives Texas 1015, Mayan Sweet, California Sweet, come close - but no cigar


Vidalia Onions have returned!

Hurray, hurray



Best deli in Boca/Delray/Boynton

You didn't mention Bens in Boca

Best of the bunch


ISO Cipolline Balsamico - Balsamic Onions

Please suggest a good source of made in Italy product

Thanks in advance


Boar is the new (Black) Camel!

How did the veal sandwich stack up against the gold standard Calfornia on Clarmont?

Thanks in advance


The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

I sadly miss these excellent items - no longer available:
Melba Toast
Sun Dried Tomatoes from Italy - replaced by inferior US product
Suzie's Crackers
Kalamata Olives
MCLarens Imperial Cheese
Sticky Toffee Pudding


Yummy Market (Maple/Richmond Hill area)

The store is great

Ultra clean, bright and beautifully renovated

A food lover's dreamscape

Expansive cheese section (many types of fresh cream cheeses and fetas)

Instore bakery

Good looking produce

Fresh Meat & Fish

Huge smoked fish section

Pusateri-ish appetizers and antipasti

Many more highlights await



FRESH mozzarella?

Who sells the real thing, over the counter, in GTA?

Thanks in advance


Bathurst St Deli - recently opened in Richmond Hill

Capital Grill & Pizzeria is no more

Landlord's letter on the door



Yang's - Not only fine Dim Sum but they offer awesome Cantonese Cuisine dinner too!!

Great review Charles

I'm hungry

$1 piglet?