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Please DON’T recommend a restaurant for 35 people…

You guys rock!

As for Bocce Ball, are you referring to those courts just off Columbus? (Those are the only ones I'm aware of...let me know if there are others!)

Love Cal Academy... just don't think we'd want to rent a bus to get us all out to the Park.

Cheese school is a fun idea too!

Thanks for all the ideas... and keep them coming.

Please DON’T recommend a restaurant for 35 people…

We have planned a big restaurant dinner (75ppl) on a future Saturday night to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

But the night before (Friday), we want to provide an opportunity for our two families (35ppl) to meet each other for the first time. (It’s a long story why they’ve never met.)

Because we’re doing a sit-down dinner on Saturday, we’re hoping to do something “different” than a restaurant dinner on Friday night… while still providing food.

Ideally we’re looking for something:
1. with SF character (e.g. dinner cruise on the bay)
2. breaks the ice & provides a distraction (e.g. Giants luxury box)
3. yet allows for mingling & conversation

Our families will be staying in downtown SF, so proximity counts. This will be during the Indian Summer so weather should be nice, if that matters. Budget is not a primary concern. Mediocre food is ok if the venue/event is right.

Ideas we’ve already ruled out include bowling (fails rule #1), Teatro Zinzani (little opportunity to mingle), Beach Blanket (ditto), chartering a dinner cruise on the bay (seasickness), cooking school (great food & distraction… but too task-oriented to allow much mingling), Giants luxury box (we don’t like baseball).

Any advice / ideas appreciated!!