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Cut or Melisse?

Is there anyone In your party that views fine dining as "eating steak and lobster"? Haha I know that may be over Simplified, but I find that if you have an idea of what you want to eat, and it's steak, then the chef's tasting @ melisse will disappoint that type of diner. Now taking that into account, if you want to put yourself in the chef's hands, I believe you will have an incomparable experience @ Mellise as Chef Citrin is truly an artist. The only place that comes close (albeit different food style) is IMO Providence. Chef Cimarusti is equally excellent! So I guess it boils down to: do you want great dry aged beef? Or do you want the total experience?

Mar 13, 2012
YJLoco in Los Angeles Area

CUT 'Wagyu' Rib Eye

I actually disagree with most posters as I think wagyu (even above a8) is great for steaks. This is assuming that you eat your beef midrare or rare as if you go over even mid rare with great wagyu, you are losing some volume. I actually had 300grams of Tottori A12 black female wagyu in Japan on my honey moon as steak, and 300g of A10 Tottori black wagyu yakiniku style. I think straight off a table top yakiniku grill was my favorite way to enjoy wagyu, with steak being 2nd, and shabu being 3rd. I enjoy shabu, but my practical OCD side always thinks I'm "rinsing" off some good fat with wagyu lol. I have had both the American wagyu @ cut and @ Bradley ogden's and was disappointed. Cut used to have an A5ish wagyu from Japan before the import fiasco, not sure the actual breed, but doubt it was Tottori. It was VERY adequate, but because of the age and feeding time @ slaughter, true Japanese beef has much more complex flavor. I'm pretty sure most hybrids are slaughtered @ 90-120 days on the feedlot (exception being Mishima ranch who does 350-500 days) so flavor doesn't develop.
As for American Beef, I would take a grass finished dry aged prime neiman ranch steak any day, with no complaints. It's about as good as it gets for flavor. For grain finished, dry aged Harris ranch is also awesome.
Here's to hoping the import ban is removed soon!

Mar 13, 2012
YJLoco in Los Angeles Area