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New Lyon area restaurants

Hi all, after a disappointing culinary experience yesterday we are hoping to wander down to the new Confluence area of Lyon and wondered if anyone has been there and got any tips for eating/strolling? Thanks

Mar 14, 2012
Woofs in France

Lyon Restaurants

Well, following advice from this site i went for dinner chez lea but what a disappointment. Is it really the same place? I am not a great moaner and usually can't be bothered to make a comment on a website but this was so bad i want to protest. We had a very lukewarm welcome ( and I speak French REALLY well so don't sound like a tourist) but there was no warmth and the food seemed to come out of a tin. Asparagus (ok I should have known when I ordered it in March but there was so much hype about seasonal ingredients that I had to investigate), well it was out of a tin and so were the 2 sauces. Main was average; chicken in a vinegar sauce but honestly: I could do it at home for less than the 100 euros I paid for the 2 of us. Also didn't like the bright light and the Grandma decor. I'll go for a run of the mill bouchon next time, thanks,

Mar 13, 2012
Woofs in France