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Charcruterie Shops?

Sanagans has good stuff, some grant van g alongside other quality product

I wish that hog town charcuterie guy would make a comeback. He was doing top notch work

Lunch at Momofuku noodle bar - what to order?

i honestly think that for the calories in the buns they're not worth it, but if you haven't tried them or want to try them i wouldn't discourage it, they're just not that special anymore. the chilled spicy noodles are my favourite thing for sure

New Ho King

it's open until like 4 am

Best chinese in the city of Toronto

not so helpful to run the google translation.

"No one will serve the fish to bite the sheep will also eat fish to bite sheep dish, fish and sheep set up as a small series of fresh word before, so this dish is known to delicious, if you can do fish and sheep can integrate with each other a little taste of each other, and that even if successful dish a half."

i'd love to try this place but i would have no idea what i was doing

Recs for Ceili Cottage?

i feel obligated to point out that no, it wouldn't really help if she posted the menu, because she was asking for recommendations from people who had been there

that is all

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

i'm 100% convinced it's a joke (a really bad one) but i'm not sure exactly what the punchline could be yet

Sai Krok Isan ไส้กรอกอีสาน - are they on any Toronto Thai Restaurant menu?

i didn't try anything but the nam kao and i would argue that it definitely has 'great taste'. hell i just finished eating it cold the next day and it was still great. it's a long haul from downtown so i don't necessarily think i would do it every day but i will 100% go back for another round of it next time i'm in that area

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

yeah, that's just dopey

Anyone been to Ursa lately?

my vegan friend recently told me it was an excellent, memorable experience of a meal, other people i know who went closer to when it opened (not vegan) had mixed but generally positive reviews, i'd really like to try it myself

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

This has to be a really shitty hoax of some description

Toronto's worst dives

I saw jay reatard knock some dude out at the silver dollar a few years before he died it was awesome

5 Spices in Gerard India Bazaar

I went here tonight because I was in the area and had heard about this place and it was bar none the worst restaurant experience I've had in years

Chili chicken was crappy, soupy, had about 8 pieces of chicken. Vegetable dumpling things were essentially the same story and we had a Szechuan shrimp noodle thing that had about 10 tiny shrimp on a plate of fuckin spaghetti. And it smelled like a urinal. This place sucks so so bad. None of it had any flavour.

Where is the best Korean BBQ restaurant?


Really curious if there are any updated recommendations in the north York/Markham area

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

It's fucking blogto, a crowd sourced quasi-legitimate collection of inanity, not "the media in toronto". Get a grip

HuffPo: 32 Toronto Food Things

It's been gone since 2011 which it says under the picture

Also, Adblock

Edulis Sunday Lunch - Any reviews?

I REALLY wouldn't put much stock into a comment like that - I'm not even a brunch guy but I can name off ten good options that have nothing to do with "taking all the leftover and turning it into a set menu". That's downright ignorant to say. I also can't offer firsthand experience with edulis on Sundays but I do recall hearing good things from a number of people

Best ceviches in Toronto

Seven lives does a daily ceviche that has always been a hit for me, changes between varieties of fish, shrimp, octopus etc. very solid

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

jesus christ, no it's not

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

can anyone back this up? i... don't really believe it

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!


Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!


No more beef cheek at Banh Mi Boys! :(

i'm pretty sure that they're not exactly hurting for money

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

I love how three years later it's still empty. What a waste of a great space

Toronto's worst dives

I've heard great things about the hot dog at Mounties at dundas/jarvis

Sushi Nomi

I was in this area yesterday and was craving fish so I had lunch here. I had the 9 piece nigiri and spicy tuna roll combo with miso soup. From the soup I knew it wasn't gonna be bullshit, 10/10 times I don't eat miso soup because it tastes like salty processed crap but this place has a great version. Flavourful beyond just salt. I don't even know what kinds of fish I had but they were all impeccably fresh and the shari was also on point in comparison to the vast majority of offering around town. Even the roll was on point. For like 25 dollars after tip I would and will definitely go back

if michelin came to Toronto

I was recently in San Sebastián for like 12 hours, and the meal I had just at some pintxo place was a huge highlight, I'd love to get back there and do some real eating. What a beautiful place

Best things you ate this month: Feb 2014

'haleem' porridge at takht e tavoos. unreal good

Bar Isabel - Must Tries?

i think the peppers are great and the chickpeas are boring so i guess it depends what you're into

the octopus has always been a hit for me

there really isn't much you can go wrong with on their menu at any given time

weekday breakfasts, beyond bacon and eggs

the porridge (haleem) is fantastic, all of the egg joints i've tried were great, the dips are solid, i wanna try the sheep stew thing soon

Toronto's worst dives

the dive has kind of gone out of vogue and been replaced by hip bars ie dundas west/ossington, i mean there's still portuguese sports bars and chinatown dumps serving extremely questionable draft pitchers for 10 bucks and selling takeaway cans of beer i've never even seen before but real rough and tumble style dives the likes of what's being discussed in here don't seem to be around much, i mean i guess there's still michael's at queen and bathurst, and i'm sure there are other michael's equivalents scattered around but they're kind of more scary than divey, but the potential of getting stabbed is probably what attracts some people to this kind of place

that was a hell of a run on sentence