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SOS--indian burnout

That's Langley Park, but I agree. The cooking there blows me away.

Eat at Ici?

I've been to Ici (grammer?) for lunch - very good.

Yes, go on and eat there....once.

There are too many other great places nearby to eat anywhere more than once (unless you live here...).

College Park area restaurants

I would take her to Franklin's - a few miles south of U of MD on Rt. 1.

One of you should get the broiled mussels app.

Now with another cupcake place opening up in DC?

I said the same thing about coffeeshops 25 years ago when the number of coffeeshops in downtown DC reached about ten.

Maryland steamed crabs?

Cap'n James Crabhouse. Crabs are expensive EVERYWHERE this year and Cap'n James is no exception. Go for it.

FYI, steamed crabs are only available at the crabhouse (outdoor tables). The indoors, boat shaped, restaurant is reserved for mediocre, overpriced food. The outdoor operation rocks. I can't believe they are owned by the same person?!

Nice dinner between Baltimore and DC

Tersiguels in Ellicott City is also great (and also French...)

Spanish omelette

If you want to try a real Spanish omelette, these folks make a good one:

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

I hope to god that those here that have never had a corned beef at Deli City aren't put off from giving it a try. It is amazing - the real deal. Go and decide for yourself.

Anyone try Good Stuff Eatery yet?

A week won't cut it. I suggest you wait until August recess when most Capitol Hill restaurants empty out.

Best all you can eat or by doz. crabhouses in MD/VA?

The best crabhouses are all 1 to 1-1/2 hours from downtown DC. My top choice is Drift Inn: large, meaty, heavy, and right on the water. All the other seafood there is good as well. Worth the trip. Drift Inn is open May-Oct. ,Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun.

I also like Sandgates and Cap't Billy's.

Adresses, phone for the above and many more:

Nearest decent food to Dulles Airport?

Shamshiry is 1/4 mileof the Dulles Access Road. VERY good - make sure you get one of the "special" rice choices with your kabob - ($4.99 surcharge and worth every penny).

Breakfast around Dupont Circle

I agree. The Tabard has excellent breakfasts choices for either Continental or American style. By far the best option mentioned so far.

DC Help Tonight - Solo

Go to Kinkead's and get softshell crab. The best item at a great restaurant and they are unique to the DC area.

Soft Shells at Breadline

As of today (maybe sooner?).

Also, the website is still erroneously listing the Thursday sandwich as an oyster po' boy (which is now off the menu).

GREAT sandwich.

Restaurants that make you leave your neighborhood?

I regularly cross the the Potomac River (and DC) on many a Tuesday to get the lamb shank w/ fava bean & dill rice at Kabob Bazaar in Clarendon. It's that 1/2 cup of rendered lamb fat to pour over the special rice that puts it into a "gotta have it" category.

Island Style Ice Cream in Mount Rainier

Thanks for the heads up. BTW, it's in MT. RAINIER (not College Park, though it's not far from College Park). Can you edit your heading? It is actually on my daily commute home to College Park (OK, 1/2 a block off) so I will definately stop in.

Best Tres Leches Cake in the area?

I was going to recommend La Flor De Puebla for Tres Leches Cake when I saw this thread heading. You beat me to it!

Eastern Market DC Dinner 4 adults + 5 kids

Marty's was the only thing that came up on my radar too. It's not bad, but not not chowhound nirvana either. Few places for a group of nine that includes 5 children are.

I may be in the minority, but...

Yes, my dinners have always been excellent. Very consistant.

I may be in the minority, but...

Totally agree about Teaism. Fresh ingredients handled with a tentative, tepid touch. Spices matter. One example: a curry dish with NO heat? Why bother? It's a pleasant atmosphere though.

Fine Dining in DC...only here for one night!

Komi - call immediately - you just might get in. (ignore the menu shown - it changes daily)

Great Coffee Shop for drinking, eating, studying

All good ideas above. Another comfy, spacious, quiet (before 8pm) place with good food and Illy coffee is Karma (Metro: Farragut West - 18th St. exit).

Staying in the Embassy Row area- any recs for breakfast or dinner?

Ahhhh...Scott Circle (which is nowhere near Embassy Row, - it sounds like the hotel is using "real estate" speak to REALLY stretch the boundries of a percieved "in spot").

You are about 1-1/2 blocks to Tabard Inn on N st. between 17th & 18th. VERY good breakfasts. Lunch and dinner too.

For great seafood - you are also 3-1/2 blocks to Hank's.

Other good options close to hotel:

Rice -

Mar de Plata - (14th St. location)

Langley Park recommendations?

Pho 75 (Vietnemese)
Woodlands, Udupi Palace, Tiffin (all Indian - all excellent)
Crystal (upscale West African)
Caribbean Delight (guess!)

And very close-by: Ledo's original (pizza), Samantha's (Mexican)

Spezie, RW?

Havn't been during RW, but when we went the food was sublime and the service very good. No complaints whatsoever.

Casual & Quiet - Dessert and Drinks in the District

I immediately thought of the Tabard Inn too. Comfy, casual, quiet, drinks are reasonalbe and the desserts are very good.

Mozzarella, Prosciutto, and Fig Jam Panino

You can also substitute creamy molto dolce gorganzola for mozzarella.

Jan 07, 2008
Rosco1 in Recipes

Just Moved to Silver Spring -- any recs?


The four posters above have given you an accurate, complete, and certainly chowish list.

I would, however, remove Crisfield from the master list. It's not up to snuff - it's barely in the "OK" catefory.

Eggnog anywhere?

In our increasingly litigious society, I would be surprised to find any restaurant making eggnog. I can't even get a real caeser salad. You may have to make your own...


Mmmmmm....poached seasoned calf brain sandwich...

Anyway, thanks for the tip. I'll have to check it out. I currently travel all the way to Clarendon, VA from College Park for a proper kabob - this is much closer.