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King Kebab and Bakery

Located in the former, "House of Chicken" the Yelp reviews raved about the food. Basmati rice salad and kebab were awesome. Dismal dining room but food really made up for lack of ambience.


Jun 10, 2014
rasgueado in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant Guo Cui [Cupertino]

Agree with the nice ambience and quality of the hand pulled noodles.

The soup broth lacked depth and was rather salty. Dry claypot was a better option. Flavors were rather subdued from what I was hoping

No cucumber juice was served, just water or hot tea.

Jul 06, 2013
rasgueado in San Francisco Bay Area

Does anyone also agree with me that Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles is just not that great?

Mediocre at best. Fried chicken wasn't hot when the waiter brought it the table. Waffle wasn't anything special either

Jun 20, 2013
rasgueado in Los Angeles Area

Cooking Class in Barcelona

Hi Dee
I was wondering if you were successful in finding cooking classes in Barcelona. I am planing to go there this summer.

Please let me know. Thanks

Mar 11, 2012
rasgueado in Spain/Portugal