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Best Ribs in The Hudson Valley?

Love, love, love Hickory BBQ on route 28 just outside Kingston. Best ribs in the area. Also like Big W BBQ in southern Dutchess county as well.

Best place for wings near i-87 in NY (anywhere between Kingston and Lake George)?

Hickory BBQ 3 minutes West on Route 28 off I-87 for great , giant Buffalo or BBQ wings. There are several places in Albany as well not too far from the Thruway but a little bit from the Northway. Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse has pretty good wings - they are about 10 minutes from I-81.

twist in hyde park = closed

So sad. Really loved this place. Does anyone now what happened or was it just another product of the economy?

Rte. 17 bet. 80W and NY Thruway

Greek City on the Northbound side of 17 in one of the malls is excellent. Try the Bronzino.

Sides in the Hudson Valley

It is not. In the case of Guido's it's because they serve "family Style" so you ned to order large bowls of the sides. The waiter should have probably explained that.

Where can I buy Malt Powder

You can also find out if the local Ice Cream shop would sell you a jar.

Winery Wedding Venue?

Have you tried Brotherhood in Washingtonville? Very nice venue but they appear to have limited catering facilities. Millbrook is also nice but might be too expensive.

Poughkeepsie Busy Bee closed?!?

too bad - really liked this place. Does anybody know what happened?

Asian market in Kingston/woodstock/saugerties area

The place you are thinking of is KIMMS gifts at 316 Wall across from Fleisher's. They have an excellent selection of ingredients packed into a small store and their pricing is much better than any other place north of Chinatown NY. Their phone number is 331-3999.

Arielle - Rhinebeck?

Agree with the last post. Ate there awhile back and it was okay. Went back as a guest of a couple of friends last month and it was horrible. We mentioned this to the waitperson - who wasn't that bad though somewhat harried and seemingly clueless about the specials menu- and they informed us that there was a new cook in the kitchen and the "Chef" wasn't in. Not sure what that meant but everything from our Octopis app to the Steak was overcooked and overseasoned.

Would not spend this kind of money there again. Much prefer Gigi's, Le Petit Bistro or the new place across from Gigi's that I can't remember the name of.

Good cheese shops in the Woodstock./Saugerties/Kingston area?

The Cheese Plate off Main Street in New Paltz is excellent and a little better than the Cheese place in Rosendale that appears at the Kingston Farmer's Market on Saturdays during the summer. Woodstock and Saugerties have nothing. Fleisher's sells some organic selections that are pretty good in Kingston otherwise it''s Adams.

Best BBQ in Hudson Valley

Per my earlier posting, and those of several others, I think Hickory has the best Barbecue in the area. I can also attest having been - and posted - about a wedding I attended that they catered - they did a great job and everyone raved about the food. They provided staff, bar the works. I don't believe Max's -who also has pretty good cue- does that stuff but I could be wrong.

New York's First Sonic Opening in Kingston!

What are they known for?

Apr 09, 2009
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Upstate catering

Definitely check out Hickory in Kingston. They do great pig roasts that friends have raved about and I know that they travel all over upstate. They were in Troy last year for the pig out. Website is

Aria Afghan, Kingston, NY

I have yet to go. Can you give a report after your visit?

Best Filet Mignon in Dutchess or Ulster?

I have to strongly disagree about Skytop. Went there a couple of times last year and thought it was okay. Have been twice in the last month - once with my family and once with my office - and unfortunately both times were poor showings. the staff is friendly but overly apologetic for steak that was so obviously done 5-10 minutes too long - including the filet. Our starters were ambitious but poorly cooked. Is there anything worse than mushy shrimp cocktail. Potatoes were undersalted once and oversalted the next time. the floor manager was nice when we complained and alluded to a "problem' in the kitchen. Still I would recommend the Flatiron in Red Hook or even the Roudigan's before I'd go back to Skytop.

Five Guys Coming to Kingston!

Can you believe how hard it is to find a good burger in Kingston? I meanis the state of burgers so bad that we look forward to chains like 5 Guys or texas grill to come in and fill the void? personally i like the Armadillo burger & the Hoffman House burger but for a truly great, meaty burger I go to the Route 28 Hickory for a cheese burger with bacon, mushrooms & onions.

questions on garlic festival, saugerties.

Went last year on Saturday and will probably go back this year. Never waited more than 15 minutes on any food line. Saw a few Pulled Pork places - which one should I check out? Also, does anybody know if there are kids activities. Didn't pay attention last year but this year I may want to take the Grandkids.

Foodie fairs that we can't miss NY, CT MASS

The Hudson Valley Ribfest takes place in New Paltz from August 15-17. Good local and regional rib cooks as well as a competition, and other foods for the non-BBQ people. Also, Saugerties hosts the Garlic fest at the end of September. Lots of threads here from years gone by.

Rhinebeck: Le Petit Bistro

"Boring"? Hard to believe that classic French Bistro food that is always expertly prepared and served in a nice, homey atmosphere can be boring. While I also like Gigi's I find the Le Petit to be a vastly superior dining experience. Is it that the chef doesn't take enough chances for you? While some restaurants like the high wire act, give me a place that understands that sometimes quality ingredients treated with respect is all you really need.

BBQ in Kingston, NY

Hickory BBQ -845/338-2424

Lunch and nice dinner in/near Kingston?

Hickory BBQ has nice lunch menu, they are five minutes from town and a deck - or if you want to stay in Kingston, try the Hoffman House.

Good 'n cheap steak in Ulster County?

Sent a group of 12 to Hickory on Route 28 this past weekend. They reported that the Ribeye steak was excellent as were the ribs. When I went there about a month ago they had a special 1 pound NY Strip with 2 sides for $21 that my tablemate is still ooing about. Old wood walls... Also, my daughter's a vegetarian and has never had a problem eating their if you want to join your men.

Hudson Valley

the "great" Q place accross the Bridge is Hickory BBQ on Route 28. Been going there since it opened and have always loved it.