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Australia/NZ/Solomon Islands/Fiji - want to base travel around food!

Got to second the recommendation for Beefys!!

Feb 04, 2014
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Melbourne for holidays, solo

You could get 10 tapas plus Cecina for $50.
To me that is good value.

Dec 18, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Melbourne for holidays, solo

Wonderful food, and you can get a lot of dishes for $50-$60.

Dec 17, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Australia/NZ/Solomon Islands/Fiji - want to base travel around food!

Not in Byron but nearby ...
Utopia Café in Bangalow always has very tasty and interesting food & wine.
A couple of widely recommended places I haven't eaten at yet are Uptown in Bangalow and Harvest in Newrybar.
I believe there is a good little sushi(!) place called Doma in Federal.
If you like pub food the Tumbulgum Hotel is a great spot for lunch.

Dec 15, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Suggestions for Christmas Day dinner in Sydney

Just looking for something easy to get to in the (Northern) CBD. This is dinner, night-time, so the beach really doesn't enter into it.
Very difficult to find anything open and serving a la carte on Christmas Day night. We'll have had a good lunch so won't want a banquet, just a reasonable meal. And we've had decent (not fantastic) food at Eastbank in the past (although the most recent was 2007!). Eastbank also has the advantage of a great location. Would rather do Eastbank than Chinatown for example.
Other places we plan to hit on our visit are:
Pizza Mario or Lucio Pizzeria
Xanthi (I wanted Fix St James but was outvoted)
Mr Wong maybe (or are the more traditional yum cha joints still a better bet?)
Pony (or are there better small plate places that will be open for lunch on the 27th?)
One place that intrigues me is Monopole, have you eaten there?

Dec 10, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Suggestions for Christmas Day dinner in Sydney

Looks like we'll be doing Eastbank.
Haven't eaten there for several years but we used to get decent meals there, and it's a very handy location.

Dec 06, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

(Sydney) Food - Monopole or Fix St James

Both have interesting menus, wondering what peoples' experience at each has been. Food first, wine second.
Also, are they the same size room or is one markedly larger than the other?

Nov 27, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Australia/NZ/Solomon Islands/Fiji - want to base travel around food!

In Noosa itself I like both Sails and Seasons . The new Peter Kuravita restaurant in the Sheraton should be worth trying (I plan to hit it later in the summer). Bistro C for something more laid back.
In the hinterland the Spirit House has great Thai-oriented Asian food, and the Long Apron has an absolutely wonderful modern-Oz repertoire.
In Maroochydore, Ebb restaurant presents fine food in a beautiful location, the Boat Shed not quite as good food in another beautiful location.
A hidden gem is the Hungry Feel Eating House in Buderim. A wonderful modern-Oz bistro with great food and an excellent wine list, not such a great location.
For the top food and wine, spend the night at Clovelly Estate and dine at their Long Apron restaurant.

Nov 27, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Suggestions for Christmas Day dinner in Sydney

Yes, evening meal.
Not excited by clubs!

Nov 17, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Suggestions for Christmas Day dinner in Sydney

Looking for somewhere open for dinner on Christmas Day.
Lean towards bistro/trattoria/tapas/Goodpizza rather than fine dining.
CBD/North Sydney/Lane Cove.

Nov 14, 2013
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Why does the Acton/Concord area have NO GOOD RESTAURANTS?

Ate at 80 Thoreau recently.
Wonderful food and wine, and amazing (good) service for Metrowest.
It's back to the good old days when first Anna Sortun and then Guida Ponte were running restaurants there.

Jun 26, 2013
cap in Greater Boston Area

Dinner reccomendations, walking distance from Union Station.

So we ended up not eating near Union Station at all.

Here is where we ate our 3 meals in Chicago ...
Our train from L.A. arrived in Chicago late Wednesday afternoon. We checked into our hotel (Westin River North), freshened up and walked to Sable for dinner (I had booked well ahead through Opentable). Every aspect of Sable was excellent; food, wine and service. We had
Small serve (huge) of excellent Olives
Full serve of Veal Meatballs, they were amazingly delicious
Full serve of Devilled Eggs, delicious and decadent
Full serve of Tuna Tartar Tostadas, just so good
Full serve of Bacon Jam, great flavours but way too much, wish they'd offered a small serve of this. Would have preferred Less Bacon Jam and another serve of Eggs or Tuna, or one of the other items on the menu.
For dessert my wife had the daily Sorbet and I had the Maple Bread Pudding, both perfect.
If this restauarant was local to us we'd eat there weekly (at least).

The next day we were a bit slow starting and decided to forgo planned breakfast at Heaven on Seven, instead checking out the Chicago Cultural Center before an early lunch at Terzo Piano in the Art Institute. Another fine experience. We had
Olives, a ncie selection
Ham Croquettes, delicate and tasty
Fried Artichokes with Anchovy Aioli, simple but tasty
Fettucine with Fiddleheads & Pancetta
Spaghettini with Bottarga & Chili
Both pasta dishes were truly excellent with rich but not overwhelming flavours and a nostalgic fiddlehead kick for my wife (can't get them in Australia).

We decided not to try eating near Union Station that evening, instead after a late checkout from our hotel we left our bags with the porter and joined the queue for Frontera Grill. Got seated in the bar by 5:40, not too bad. We had
Razor Clam & Scallop Ceviche
Frontera Ceviche
We are suckers for all sorts of raw/semi-raw seafood, and these both fulfilled our expectations of deliciousness. But after that things sort of faded...
Street Food Trio, enjoyed the Tlacoyos but found the Potosinas and Sopes a bit boring
Chiles Rellenos, again enjoyed the Pork one but found the Cheese one a bit boring, rice and black beans were meh.
We shared dessert, can't remember what, it was quite tasty but again not outstanding.
So surprisingly the most anticipated (to us) restaurant ended up as the least memorable here. Not bad, just not exciting.
Maybe we chose poorly and should have gone for Moles etc.
Nice Margaritas though.

Highlight was Sable, thanks to all those who reccommended Sable in other threads.

One interesting note. When we moved to Australia 7 years ago Gruner Veltliner (which we love) was pretty rare in the U.S.A. This trip we found it in restaurants everywhere. Amazing.

Jun 26, 2013
cap in Chicago Area

Dinner reccomendations, walking distance from Union Station.

Thanks for the suggestions.
We're looking to do dinner around 6:30.
Lillies Q in the French Market would be great but I expect they will be well and truly sold out by 6:30.

A bunch of small dishes at Province could be good, or tapas at Paolas Vinum although it looks like a small menu.
Another possibility is Embeya, in the same neighbourhood as Province. Has a very interesting menu.
Well, plenty of time to decide, won't be there for 4 weeks.

May 09, 2013
cap in Chicago Area

Dinner reccomendations, walking distance from Union Station.

Looking for nice little restaurants within walking distance from Union Station, for dinner. So far all I've found is Paola's Vinum. Is it any good?

May 06, 2013
cap in Chicago Area

cajun ingredients in Sydney

I use smoked chorizo in place of andouille sausage, works very well.

May 31, 2012
cap in Australia/New Zealand

What is the Best Condiment You Ever Had?

Inner Beauty Real Hot Sauce.

Aug 01, 2011
cap in General Topics

Dress Code for Melbourne and Sydney Restaurants; Tipping

Definitely disagree. We rarely tip, and when we do tip 5% max. None of our family or friends tip and regard our tipping as an aberration brought on by living for several years in the USA.

Aug 01, 2011
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Million dollar drop as wine tumbles

I suspect it wasn't your normal forklift.
The wine was in a shipping container being loadedonto a ship.

Jul 23, 2011
cap in Food Media & News

Lexington, MA ---PLEASE HELP ME!

No, the Pillar House was in Newton at the intersection of 128 & 16.

Jul 08, 2011
cap in Greater Boston Area

80 Thoreau in Concord

Glad to see the place has reopened in style.
Was a great restaurant in the past under Anna Sortun (Aigo Bistro) and Guida Ponte (Guida's Coast Cuisine).

Jun 16, 2011
cap in Greater Boston Area

Brisbane this Sunday night

LOL, yes & no.
Too late,but we ate at both Sardine Tin (Sunday lunch) and Piaf (Sunday dinner) and both were excellent, particularly Sardine Tin (we love tapas, cook a lot at home). Saturday night we had good, not great, pizza with some nice wines at La Via. We were there early (pre-concert dinner) and the service was good, but was starting to get a little rushed by the time we left.

Jun 13, 2011
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Brisbane this Sunday night

Looking for reccommendations of good resaurants in Brisbane which will be open this Sunday night. Trattorias/Bistros/Tapas-bars probably preferred.

May 27, 2011
cap in Australia/New Zealand

NSW regional recommendations?

A couple more...

In Tea Gardens, the Boatshed Restaurant ( is worth a visit, excellent food and right on (over) the water. This is on the North side of Port Stephens.

The Jacaranda Cottage B&B in Tamworth has very nice accommodation (Loft) and provides an excellent breakfast.

Apr 06, 2011
cap in Australia/New Zealand

NSW regional recommendations?

Heading South down the coast...

Tumbulgum Hotel, Tumbulgum. Great location overlooking the Tweed River with good pub food.

Utopia Cafe, Bangalow. Really excellent food from a varied and eclectic menu. Good wine selection. Breakfast & lunch daily, dinner Friday and Saturday. We always eat here if we are passing through.
Fishheads, Bangalow. Good seafood.
Ate/Satiate, Bangalow is also reputed to be very good, haven't tried it yet.
The Bethany B&B in Binna Burra nearby is very pleasant.

The Pacific Highway between Bangalow and Coffs is a morass of construction.
Much better to head out through Lismore to Casino then down the Summerland Way to Grafton. Very little traffic south of Casino. You can take a side road from the Summerland Way to Lawrence and catch the ferry across to rejopin the Pacific at Brushgrove, a bit north of Ulmarra if you like.

Brushgrove Hotel, Brushgrove (near Grafton). Decent pub meals

Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra (near Grafton). Great pub with beer garden right on the Clarence River. Nice pub lunches, and dinner Friday & Saturday.
Rooftops B&B across the road is good.

If you want to avoid the Pacific between Grafton and Coffs, take the Orara Way from Grafton. This will bring you out at the south end of Coffs Harbour.

There are several restaurants in Sawtell, but we haven't eaten at any of them for a few years now so can't give an opinion other than to say they used to be good. There's a very nice B&B there also, right at the end of the street with all the restaurants.

Heritage Hotel, Gladstone (near Kempsey) and Riverview Hotel, Smithtown across the river.
Both have great locations and good pub lunches. And going this way means you bypass Kempsey.

Cafe Red at Ricardoes Tomatoes, Blackmans Point (near Port Macquarie). Great little cafe in a tomato & strawberry growing farm. Lots of produce and condiments for sale also.

Heading back North further inland...

Canter Restaurant, Scone. Excellent modern Oz cuisine. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Wednesday to Friday, Breakfast/Lunch Sunday. You should probably reserve ahead for dinner.
Asser House, Scone. Nice little cafe at the South end of town.
Larda, Scone. Nice Cafe & provisions store.

Playhouse Hotel, Barraba. Nicely restored hotel now a B&B, also serves dinner. Quite good food. Make sure they are serving dinner if you plan to stop there, pickings in that area are lean otherwise. Nice place to stay if all meals are available.

Enjoy your trip.

Apr 04, 2011
cap in Australia/New Zealand

identify this uk or aus show?

"The Best", a British show.
Silvana Franco, Paul Merrett and Ben O'Donoghue (an Australian).

Jan 21, 2011
cap in Food Media & News

Does *anyone* know what happened to Rene Michelina?

Piggybacking on this thread ...
Does anyone know what happened to Victor Bono?

Jun 25, 2010
cap in Greater Boston Area

A Slight Rant: Silly Pizza Rules

But in Italy one can get "quarter and quarter and quarter and quarter".
Known more simply as Quattro Stagione.

May 07, 2010
cap in Not About Food

Tetsuyas Booked - So where else?

"Secrets of the Red lantern" was writtn by Pauline Nguyen, Luke's sister.

Mar 10, 2010
cap in Australia/New Zealand

Looking for a Wine Merchant / Liquor Store Northwest Suburbs

Nine Acre Wines, Concord (next to Verril Farm)
Vintage, West Concord

Feb 27, 2010
cap in Greater Boston Area

Tell me which Concord Area restaurants a Camberville Foodie would like?

Dalyas (excellent food, great atmosphere, excellent service)
Ginger (decent sushi)
Luigis (decent red-sauce Italian)
Flatbread Company (wood-fired clay oven flatbread pizzas)

Riverview (on the river on Route 4, great inexpensive breakfast and lunch with some Greek specialities thrown in)
Sichuan Gourmet

Oishii II (excellent sushi, but beware you can spend a lot)

La Provence (sandwiches, pates, take-out)
Walden Grille (has a nice bar, decent food)
Paparazzi (has an ok bar, decent, surprisingly authentic, Northern Italian, can be noisy)
Vincenzo's (has a small bar but fun to eat at, decent not too expensive Italian, can be very nosiy)
Serafina (has a very nice bar, attempt at fine Italian dining doesn't quite come off, service can be poor, can get nosiy).

Not restaurants:
Verrill Farms (don't miss the Tomato & Corn Festival, and if Guida Ponte is doing anything go along, she is a great chef)
Concord Cheese Shop
Concord Teacakes (try the Anise Drops)
Twins Seafood (the fishcakes are excellent and cheap)
Kimballs (was Bates Farm) Icecream (on Route 225 west of Bedford, make sure to go there in August when they have the peach icecream, fabulous)
La Riviera Gourmet (charcuterie/bakery on Route 4/225 between Lexington Centre and 128)
Nine Acre Wines
Vintage (wine merchant, West Concord)

Feb 27, 2010
cap in Greater Boston Area