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Hi, I posted this question two months ago and got a great response, and now I'm trying to see if and how opinions have changed..........

I'm producing a show on fifty or so of the best dishes in New York City. To decide which dishes to showcase, we started threads in places like this, as well as survey professional cooks, food writers, and any food lovers who would participate. It's been a couple months since we started compiling our list, so I wanted to come back and ask people on Chowhound what their current favorite dishes in New York are. Thanks for your input!

Nov 09, 2007
Haisoodewa in Manhattan

50 Best Dishes in New York

So I've just begun a video project that will attempt to pick out the 50 best dishes in New York City. As you can imagine, it's an impossible feat-5,000 Best Dishes would be a little easier. I've only been in the city for a few months now and the contributors to these threads seem to have great perspective on the food here, whether it's from per se or はぎ さき Bar. Can you help me compile a (short) list of the foods that everyone in New York knows about but few from outside the city( aka me) have discovered? I'm looking across the whole price spectrum, but I'm most interested in the harder to come by amazing yet cheap food. Thanks everyone

Sep 21, 2007
Haisoodewa in Manhattan