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Chinese Restos

Chowhounds !!!!
Any suggestions for "All you can eat " Chinese Restos (not buffet style, but buffet delivered to your table ) in the West Island ??? I was thinking of the Imperial Palace on Du Barry off St.Charles in Kirkland .
Thanks Hounds,

May 12, 2014
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Abie's Smoked Meat

I wanted to go there last night and looked quite closed around 8:00pm

Dec 06, 2013
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)


I went there with my wife to celebrate my friend's 50th birthday.
There was a set fixed menu at $36 per person + a 17% automatic group rate service charge . The food at best was was average !!! On top of this, when I got my bill of 95.02 I gave my waiter a $100 and he asked if "Would I like change ???" and I said yes and to this point he is still delivering me my change !!! He said he will be right back (I figure a restaurant of this caliber the waiters would have change) . After waiting about 10 minutes and no sign of my waiter, with my friends waiting for me I took it as a loss !!! As a result, my waiter received 23.9% tip for an average service !!!!
Very displeased with this restaurant !!!!

Sep 16, 2013
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Amazing Meal at Fu Kam Wah, Unusual ordering.

St.Laurent (North Decarie , Just north of Cote Vertu on the west side of Decarie)

May 07, 2013
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Rotisserie Mom’s

One word; "YECH !!! "
My wife and I were there about 3 Wednesdays ago at about 6:15pm and we were the only customers.
I had a hot chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes and my wife had fried chicken.
My Hot chicken sandwich and peas were cold !!! The mashed potatoes were imitation and tasted like crap !!!!
My wife's chicken was too salty .
The meal was served with disposable plates with matching plastic cutlery .
I doubt this restaurant will celebrate it's first anniversary !!!
Do yourself a favour drive down the street and go to Cote St Luc BBQ (4360 Boulevard des Sources )for almost the same buck, a far better chicken !!!

Mar 18, 2013
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Jardin de Puits restaurant gone?

Wow !!! That's too bad !!! My family really enjoyed this BYOB the staff was alway very friendly !!! : (

Dec 12, 2012
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

ISO Ham Hocks not the fresh pork hocks

Quick question ..... Where is the Atlantic Meat Market on Cote des Neige ????

Thanks !!!!

Oct 14, 2012
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

What's so great about Schwartz's?

I agree, "What's so great about Schwartz's ?" If you like sitting at a table sharing with total strangers (which doesn't bother me but), when the lady (who you don't know) puts ketchup on your fries(no potato latkes , or a waiter brings your drink with his fingers in the glass !!! Go to Schwartz's
The Main across the street is so much better (No sharing tables, with potato latkes ) !!!

Aug 26, 2012
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Party Venue

Hi Chowhounders again,
Thanks for your recommendations The Snowpea and SKYMTL, Those sound great, however anything in the "cheap side" because I don't want my friends and family to declare bankruptcy after my celebration . Also, a friend suggested maybe a "BYOB" after all the bar tab can be quite expensive .

May 08, 2012
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Party Venue

Hi Chowhounds !!!
Can anyone recommend a casual restaurant (in the Montreal area) with a private room for a party of about 25 or so guests for 50th Birthday at a affordable costs ??? Thanks

May 06, 2012
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Childhood favorite sandwich

As a kid I enjoyed anchovy paste with butter on rye bread (my cousin still freeks out about my bizarre taste ) ... Yum yum !!!

Mar 13, 2012
fotobug in General Topics

Easy New England Clam Chowder

Very tasty !!!

Mar 10, 2012
fotobug in Recipes

Jarred pasta sauces?

Greetings All,
Costco sells "White Linen Collection, Victoria All Natural Sauce Marinara" , It actually tastes "homemade"

Mar 08, 2012
fotobug in Quebec (inc. Montreal)