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Can I Steam instead of parboiling?

Hi All,

If a recipe says to parboil something, can I just steam it instead? For instance, like roasted potatoes, a lot of recipes have the potatoes parboiled in water first before finishing them in an oven. Instead of doing that, is it ok to pop them in a steamer?

My rice cooker has a steamer function and its a lot faster and easier to use that instead of boiling water etc...

Thanks for reading!

Jan 20, 2013
helicub81 in Home Cooking

How to tell if Seafood is "sushi grade"


I'm relatively new to cooking and I was thinking about pan frying salmon. All of the recipes on the internet say to cook it until it has a "pink center", which I am assuming means just a bit undercooked. So I went to buy a filet today and basically the butcher told me that the salmon he sold was not "sushi grade" and therefore, he wouldn't recommend eating it slightly undercooked.

My question is, how do I know if the fish is "good" And i guess the question applies to the beef too. How would I know if like a rib eye is safe to eat med-rare? Because doing it well done seems like a waste


May 30, 2012
helicub81 in General Topics

Anyone use splatter guards?

Thanks all for the replies. I will go ahead and get it.

Mar 07, 2012
helicub81 in Cookware

Anyone use splatter guards?


I was wondering if there's anybody out there who uses splatter guards, like this one:

I panfry food sometimes and i don't like the splash, but will something like this essentially steam what i'm cooking? I want to avoid that.

Thanks for reading

Mar 07, 2012
helicub81 in Cookware