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Rhubarb - Asheville

Went for our second dinner last night at Rhubarb. Miss Piggy, Rhubarb is listening: Many of the prices on the menu had been lowered, including some wines that are in a better price point.

Oct 26, 2013
kaville in Southeast

Rhubarb - Asheville

Oh, in a couple of weeks Rhubarb will offer lunch too. I would expect lower prices on that menu.

Oct 19, 2013
kaville in Southeast

Rhubarb - Asheville

Danna, Rhubarb just put their menu online a couple of days ago. I'm sure the prices will go on soon as they have their hands full with opening.

Miss Piggy, My husband and I ate there last night too. We shared all our dishes and started with the BBQ Lamb Ribs and Salad Lyonnaise. The flavors in both dishes just blew us away. I did wish for more meat on the dish, but the flavors were so over the top, I just lapped ever bit up. Next we had the Sheepshead fish, which also was very, very flavorful.

The food at Rhubarb was some of the best we have had in Asheville....and my husband and I are definite foodies! This place is #1 on my list now, and I have been to all the ones mention above. No it's not inexpensive, but if you want WOW flavors, it is a must try.

Oct 18, 2013
kaville in Southeast

Asheville-Brunch Rut.

try southside cafe! fabulous for brunch. dinner also good--lunch is good, but the weakest of the meals. (i think the brunch cook is different than either the dinner or lunch cook.) they open at 9 on sunday, but don't seem to have their act together on specials until near 10. specials are very good. we like to eat outside. give it a try. i think it is better than corner kitchen or limones, which i agree are quite good.

Sep 21, 2007
kaville in General South Archive